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BulliPatrol is the Intelligent Cyberbullying Protection Software focused on increasing collaboration between parents and teens in order to eliminate cyberbullying. We are the only solution of its kind selling into B2B clients as a corporate perk/employee benefit and positioning our product as a way to increase productivity in the workplace and reduce employee turnover. Our customers use BulliPatrol to monitor incoming messages from SMS text, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other media outlets and receive notifications when BulliPatrol locates negative stimulus that might be harmful to their children. Businesses, schools, and parents are all struggling with the effects of cyberbullying. Parents are spending over 37 hours per week worrying about the wellbeing of their children which has a direct impact on the productivity and engagement of employees across the country, costing billions. With BulliPatrol, employers finally have a solution that allows them to equip their employees with a way for parents to make sure their children are safe and secure.

Company Leadership

Allison Mook

Founder & Vice President

Allison Mook, Founder and Vice President, has been a relationship sales person her entire career. Having worked in front-line and sales management for Fresh Point and other ventures, she has been working to develop our relationship strategy for partnerships with companies.

Andrew Grubbs

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Grubbs, Founder and CEO, has been a co-founder of four companies. One continues as a software development and consulting company for a multitude of clients including other startups, government contractors, and financial services. He recently exited from Presence as it’s co-founder and first CTO. Having written the BulliPatrol software, he views BulliPatrol as an exciting, socially responsible and ultimately profitable venture to, as the cliche goes, change the world.

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