Peter Schorsch: The rise of new media and why it’s important for St. Pete

Love him or love to hate him, St. Petersburg native Peter Schorsch is one of the most dominant media personalities in Tampa Bay. His rise began in 2005, with the launch of his own hometown political website, appropriately titled SaintPetersBlog. As Schorsch says, SaintPetersBlog “was born, like most blogs, at a mom’s house.”

At the time, Schorsch was working as a political consultant, something he still does today. He saw a space filling in the gaps in coverage of the local St. Pete political scene, sorely lacking attention from the larger local media outlets.

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Changes on 4th Street: Goodbye Pei Wei, hello medical marijuana

Every time a door closes, it seems, another one opens

St. Petersburg’s busy 4th Street corridor, between north 5th and 22nd Avenues, continues to bear witness to change at a rapid clip. Pei Wei, the fast-food Asian restaurant that opened, with great fanfare, just two years ago, served its last orders of Kung Pao and General Tso Monday.

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How curbs became the new urban battleground [Wired]

The District of Columbia, along with several other cities, is piloting shared used mobility zones, and city officials are thinking about both how to rezone curb space and what to charge for its use so that the work of the city can be supported appropriately.

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[The Atlantic] How Video Can Create a Just Society

Thijm argues that bystander videos are a powerful addition to criminal processes across the world. “There's a real need to understand how video can help people prove what happened,” she said. “You have a right to film.”

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The Hustle

Story Stuart & Steve Bliven (Beans & Barlour)

Beans & Barlour is a craft coffee bar and dessert lounge that serves all your favorite desserts … with a kick. Owners Story Stuart and Steve Bliven’s homemade ice cream is infused with real booze, with alcohol levels ranging between 7-12 percent ABV.

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Peerfit is revolutionizing corporate wellness programs by bridging the gaps between employers, employees and fitness studios.

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The Shuffle

Tim Hudson
CFO Strategic Partners

Patrick Worsham
Tierra Nueva Fine Cocoa


Daniel James Scott
Tampa Bay Tech

Focus: Hearts

Joyas Voladoras

Brian Doyle, who died on May 27, 2017, considers the capacity of the heart—including his own. Rest in peace


August 30

September 6

September 15


Making the most of marketing technology to drive growth [McKinsey]

Winning in the martech revolution requires tech, of course, but leaders often forget that it needs a couple of key additions too.

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