Affordable housing part two: A home of our own

Zadar, in her mid ‘30s, is a single mother raising a Brady-sized brood – the oldest is 10, the youngest (twins) approaching 2 – on the miniscule salary she brings in working in a medical office, along with a $500 monthly subsidy for food stamps. With six kids, none of it goes very far.

In mid-August, construction will begin on a new, five bed, two bath home, not far up the road, built especially for her by Habitat For Humanity. She applied to the program in 2016. “It’s not a huge lot, but it works for us, and my finances,” Zadar beams.

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The origin story of St. Pete-based PandaDoc [Audio 25:31]

In 2017, the City of St. Pete welcomed PandaDoc’s east coast headquarters to the city’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. A major win for the St. Pete Economic Development Corporation and a marker of the city’s appeal to outside business, news and social media outlets were buzzing.

But the story focused mainly on the move – how a Silicon Valley company chose St. Pete to make its home. But, before PandaDoc was a Silicon Valley company, it was a seedling of an idea halfway across the world. Well before PandaDoc made its home in St. Petersburg, Florida, it was founded much closer to its namesake in Russia.

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Tampa Bay Wave’s Project MQ wins PayPal Business contest

But they’ve had some major wins, over the last three years, they’ve won nearly $21,500 from various start-up and pitch competitions. On Monday, Project MQ got some more good news. Paypal Business announced that the Howard Brothers’ idea was one of three winners of the Paypal Business Makeover Contest.

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ICYMI: SPx with Michael Pastreich

Episode 38: Michael Pastreich talks the "why" beyond the music, managing crisis and why he rejects vision

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The Hustle

Dani Nolan (Pour FL)

Dani Nolan is a St. Pete local who creates distinctive art pieces using resin, a viscous substance that is insoluble in water. She laminates her work with the organic compound to create glossy coats and sleek patterns. Nolan draws inspiration from Florida's ecosystems. She also interprets her patterns as visions of coastal lands; they resemble the crashing of waves and even the movement of clouds.

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Florida School of Woodwork

Since 2004, the Florida School of Woodwork has provided a top-notch education to countless local aspiring woodworkers.

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The Shuffle

Taylor Withers

Geneka Green
Speer YMCA


Jonathan Daou
Eastman Equity

Focus: Money

What's In Your Paycheck?

The pace of wage growth is one of the best indicators of economic health. But it can be measured with different methods. Each method tells a slightly different story about how the economy is doing.


August 6

Aug 30

October 10


Google unveils tiny new AI chips for on-device machine learning [The Verge]

The hardware is designed for enterprise applications, like automating quality control checks in a factory.

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