Agile education: P-Tech’s Pharmacy Technician program

The demands of business are changing at a higher velocity than ever before; meeting those demands requires innovative thinking from educators – agility is now the rarity factor that sets the bar. Historically, quality of learning drove value for institutions, but modern teaching technology and methodology, along with a sense of practicality and pace, and the ever-expanding needs of the workforce, have leveled the playing field. In our new series, Agile Education, we’ll explore some of the ways St. Pete schools are keeping up with the speed of the new economy.

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Randall Russell, Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg on SPx [62:09]

Episode 32 of St Pete X features an insight filled conversation with change agent Randall Russell. This deep dive into the vision and methods behind the Foundation's work is a must listen for anyone in the non-profit space.

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The Importance of Beauty in Affordable Housing [CityLab]

“Great design is part of our philosophy,” says Brenda Rosen, president and CEO of Breaking Ground, the 28-year old supportive housing nonprofit that developed the Schermerhorn. “Having a beautiful place to live creates a sense of pride and helps residents regain their stability and dignity.”

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Matthew McGee - freeFall

freeFall’s Director of Community Outreach Matthew McGee talks about freeFall’s past, present and future, as well as its perceived place in the Tampa Bay theatrical universe. [21:57]

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The Hustle


These days, Chad Mize’s signature St. Petersburg design is as ubiquitous as green benches were in the 1950s. You can’t turn a corner without seeing a black T-shirt with white letters that say Paris London Tokyo St. Pete – and to date, he’s sold more than 60,000 of them.

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Eagle Datagistics

In an age of massive threats to data security in business, politics, and personal financial life, Eagle Datagistics takes an innovative approach to securing data.

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The Shuffle

Julie Clement

Matt Spence
Feeding Tampa Bay


Joe Bourdow
Premier Franchise Advisors

Focus: Storytelling

Economics and the human instinct for storytelling


May 16

May 23

May 30

ACUMEN: Instagram

Brand building on Instagram: What marketers need to know

Arguably, it’s a space where big brands, small businesses and consumers are all in the same position, with the same opportunity to create a page, gain followers and connect.
Amy Cole, Instagram’s head of business development, tells Marketing Week: “Brands tell their story in the same way an individual person does so it creates a direct relationship and levels the playing field for small and big businesses.”

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