Agile education: The business of art, and the art of business

According to St. Petersburg Arts Alliance executive director John Collins, it’s key for artists, arts administrators (both nonprofit and otherwise) and fundraisers to be able to explain themselves – and their mission – on a moment’s notice.

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More than profit: St. Pete For Good wants to measure your impact

Millennial consumers no longer accept the age-old juxtaposition of a thriving profit-driven business sector and a barely limping social sector. Now, consumers are demanding that for-profit businesses care about more than just their bottom line. These consumers demand value – not just from the products or services they purchase – but the larger impact of companies who provide them. In fact, 73 percent of millennial consumers will pay more for a product from socially-responsible companies.

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The Jobs That Are Getting Priced Out of Superstar Cities [CityLab]

Recently, I emailed a carpenter to ask him to repair some minor damage to the roof of our Toronto home, inflicted by the harsh winter. He told me he’d had it with Toronto’s high housing prices and had moved back to the West Coast.

Then, when I asked a friend of mine if there was someone he would recommend, he told me the roofer he used had just moved to Ireland. He’d signed off his last email: “Nobody can afford to live in this city!”

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Reuben Pressman

Culture, money and fun - take a deep dive into the St Pete start-up world with entrepreneur Reuben Pressman. [Audio - 45:10]

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The Hustle


CrossFit9 is one of the "OGs." Founded in 2008, it came along before CrossFit or (St. Pete, for that matter) was cool. As one of the most steadfast residents of St. Petersburg's Warehouse Arts District, CrossFit9 is a unique space where patrons across all walks of life come together to sweat it out

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We’ve all seen that blue envelope in the mailbox, loaded with money-saving coupons (and $100 for some lucky recipients) from our favorite local businesses. But you may not know Valpak envelopes reach 37 million households nationwide each month plus another 110 million online users.

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The Shuffle

Kim Spencer
U of Central Florida

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B2 Communications


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B2 Communications

Focus: Housing

Wall Street’s new housing frontier: Single-family rental homes


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