Agile education: Why choosing a technical school makes sense

In all-important STEM (science, technology, engineering and medicine) fields, 21st century education comes with many options. And they don’t all consume four years – or longer – and cost the nest egg.

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GDPR and the United States: The principle is great, so is the cost

The regulation has been headline news in the United States only for the last three months. Initially, American companies planned to ignore the policy; many thought it didn’t affect them. Thanks to Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, that has since changed. Now data protection and the impending GDPR regulations have U.S. companies in panic mode, unsure of just how far this regulation reaches and how far companies must go to comply with its standards.

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Kevin Hohl of HD Interactive

Virtual reality, technology & more [SPx - 29:06]

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The Hustle


PixelStix brings digital content into physical context. It's a sticker that - when in proximity to your phone - links to digital content.

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Bluewater Media

Specializing in branded, direct response marketing, Bluewater Media was the first end-to-end, fully digital production studio in Florida. Operating from a state of the art facility, the company is rapidly expanding its team to continue offering proven direct response strategies for television, radio, web, and print.

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The Shuffle

Kim Spencer
U of Central Florida

Lauren Martin
B2 Communications


Jeff Alagood

Focus: Thinking

Studies Show That People Who Have High “Integrative Complexity” Are More Likely To Be Successful


June 13

June 4

May 30

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