Agile Education: This St. Pete software company is bridging the skills gap

The skills gap is real. Whether in tech, sales or customer service industries, many employers feel that today’s workforce is not equipped with the skills they’re seeking. While some corporations, government institutions and universities are playing the blame game, other entities are actively working to solve the problem.

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Small business profile: Big Frog Custom T-Shirts

With 89 stores in 27 states, Big Frog Custom T-Shirts and More is leaping into the deep end of the garment decorating pool, and finding a comfortable niche in that otherwise tight-fitting $54 billion industry.

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Florida’s HIV epidemic: Nearly 5,000 new cases diagnosed in 2016

The height of the HIV epidemic saw more than 7,500 new cases of HIV in Florida in 1992. While HIV rates have plummeted since then, prompting many to believe that the HIV/AIDS crisis is over, it remains devastating in cities across Florida – especially among minority and disenfranchised populations.

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Vinny Tafuro

Social trust driven by our capacity for love and empathy have allowed humans to build civilizations and question everything about our existence and place in the universe. In the last three centuries, however, the pace of change has outpaced our understanding of the cultural operating system today described as economics. [Video - 8:20]

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The Hustle

Tanisha Chea

Chea began building out a business plan for Tala Baby - an inspired baby line that teaches morals, values, and character traits that she and her husband believed in.

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Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg

Driven by a passionate vision for health equity, Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg aims to close the gaps that systemically and structurally disadvantage the people of south Pinellas County. The Foundation seeks to carefully examine and upend the social determinants of health that historically and currently marginalize people based on their race, ethnicity, income, gender and geography.

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The Shuffle

Brent Gardner
PopStops Marketing

Brittany Fuller


Hank Hine
Dali Museum

Focus: Highways

Building Highways Made Racial Segregation Worse. Can Removing Them Undo That Legacy


June 14

June 22-24

July 24

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