Panel shares actionable steps to increase tech diversity

Tampa Bay Wave and the Nielsen Foundation are teaming up to bring diversity to the startup world. Their partnership is a first-of-its-kind initiative to specifically target diverse startups for accelerators services. To kick off their accelerator, Tampa Bay Wave hosted a Tech Diversity Panel Tuesday at Rooftop 220 in Tampa.

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America’s other ‘bay area’ poised to direct the knowledge economy

While other communities are chasing Silicon Valley, blaming Wall Street or reinventing Detroit, there is no region better situated than Tampa Bay to update the industrial age economics that direct how the first three operate. Some fundamental flaws in industrial era economics are the inability of GDP to measure a majority of economic value, the limited economic paradigm of people existing as labor in competition with automation and an exclusive focus on public sector policy recommendations.

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What’s Really Behind Economic Mobility? [CityLab]

The American Dream turns on where we live. But it’s job markets and marriage partners—not schools—that make the biggest difference in who climbs the economic ladder.

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Alex Harris, Co-Founder of Arts Conservatory for Teens

Alex Harris talks his gospel roots, battling fear and shifting the poverty mindset [64:50]

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The Hustle


Nathan Van Coops was hustling before hustling was cool. He is author of the best-selling In Times Like These time travel adventure and 2017's Faster Than Falling. He fixes planes and is the man behind St. Petersburg's most popular baseball cap.

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Sales innovation in a rapidly changing buyers market— InsideOut puts the power back in seller’s hands.

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The Shuffle

Nathan Schwagler

Matt Spence
Feeding Tampa Bay


St Pete EDC

Focus: Confidence

The Confidence Gap


May 16

May 23

May 30

ACUMEN: Brand Purpose

Brand purpose is wishful seeing from marketers who want it to be true [Mumbrella]

The Choice Factory author Richard Shotton argues that the methodology behind brand purpose is flawed, and is being perpetrated by adlanders who want to feel better about their jobs.

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