Real estate entrepreneur Ben Mallah puts another big bet on retail

Ben Mallah, principal and founder at Equity Management Partners in Largo, has made his second commercial real estate purchase this month.

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Developer Larry Feldman draws on real estate to tackle an American epidemic

Surveys showing loneliness is at a peak in the United States are shaping plans for Riverwalk Place, a luxury condominium project in downtown Tampa.

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Business leaders remember the first owner of the Tampa Bay Rays

Friends, business associates and sports fans are remembering the late Vince Naimoli, the original owner and CEO of the Tampa Bay Rays, as both inspirational and gruff, both generous and tight-fisted.

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Episode 48: Steve Tingiris, Dabble Lab [St. Pete X]

Serial entrepreneur Steve Tingiris: AI and machine learning are changing our economy.

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Tampa Bay Theatre Festival starts Friday

When Rory Lawrence and his hand-picked team inaugurated the Tampa Bay Theatre Festival in 2014, there was no real game plan.

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The Shuffle

Erynn Kirshner
Restaurant Magic


The Hustle

Eric Law (Green N Things)

Eric Law of Green N Things Urban Farms is cultivating unused plots of land throughout St. Pete, with raised beds and local compost, for urban farming - with the goal of growing a community around urban farming in the city.

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Since 1983, Catalina has set the gold standard in marketing for agencies, consumer packaged goods and the retail industry.

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Ward Friszolowski
Harvard Jolly

Focus: Food

ICYMI: Community Voices: More than 900 days on a gas station diet

As of this writing, a 42-block area of St. Petersburg has been without a full-service grocery store for more than 900 days. In that time St. Petersburg has elected a new mayor, and half of a City Council, and it is poised to elect the other half within the next few months.

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Sep. 5-6

Sep. 6

Sep. 10

Tampa tech company raises $15M

Homee, a Tampa company that uses technology to match skilled service providers with home owners and property managers, has closed a Series B funding round.

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