What real estate entrepreneur Ben Mallah has in mind for his new John’s Pass property

Like many transplants to the St. Petersburg area, Ben Mallah enjoys spending time at John’s Pass, one of the top tourist destinations in Pinellas County.

Now, he has the opportunity to shape a key part of the property into an even more desirable attraction.

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Meet the new investors at Tampa’s Lumina Analytics

Lumina Analytics LLC, a Tampa technology company, has raised $1.47 million in an equity offering that brought new investors to the company.

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Legal marijuana, CBD oil pose new challenges for Tampa-St. Pete workplaces

The states that are legalizing medical and recreational marijuana use – a growing number – are shaking up the workplace.

They’re also raising safety concerns for David Bell, CEO of USA Mobile Drug Testing in Tampa.

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Community Voices: Working Women Stories with Rebekah Nault

In this third episode of our series, host Jessica Rivelli, the founder of Working Women of Tampa Bay, brings Rebekah Nault of PBX-Change to the studio. PBX-Change is a sponsor of Working Women of Tampa Bay’s upcoming 2019 Working Women Conference, and the WW Foundation.

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Tampa Bay is the setting for novelist George Fleming’s ‘Bad Habits’

The central plot, in a nutshell: Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of retired Catholic priests have been “re-located,” by the Vatican, to Tampa Bay. They’re all child abusers, the worst of the worst, living in anonymity on both sides of the water.

One by one, they’re being picked off. By a stealthy assassin in black wielding a crossbow.

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The Shuffle

Bill Bright
Skyway Capital Markets


The Hustle

Beth Pensky (CKO Kickboxing Clearwater)

CKO Kickboxing Clearwater is a gym for men, women, beginning kickboxers, experienced kickboxers and anyone else seeking an engaging workout, a sense of community and a better life.

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Wallace Welch & Willingham

Since 1925, Wallace Welch & Willingham has offered the best marine insurance in Tampa Bay.

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Ben Siwinski

Focus: Gateway

ICYMI: Reimagining the Gateway: Here’s what it could look like in 2045

Congestion and stop-and-go rush hour traffic are expected in Gateway. It is known as a commuter’s nightmare of tangled interstates, highways and on/off ramps. But changes are afoot. Forward Pinellas’ Whit Blanton presented the Gateway Master Plan to the City Council’s Housing Land Use and Transportation Committee late last month.

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Aug. 21

Aug. 22

Sep. 9

PitchLyst Startup Report #004: Aaron White of Script

Script is a workflow automation solution that helps school administrators digitize paperwork and automate processes so they can get back to what matters most.

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