Controversial Blue Lotus/Bezu condo project wins approval after lengthy process

The chronicle of the Blue Lotus/Bezu project may finally be over.

The proposed condo project planned for 100 4th Ave. N. in downtown St. Petersburg cleared its final hurdle with the city on Thursday, winning approval from the City Council, meeting as the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).

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Meet the new investors at MyArea Network

Two Tampa Bay business heavyweights are now members of the board of directors of MyArea Network.

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Callaloo Group hits some goals, falls short on others in first year of operation of Manhattan Casino

Callaloo Group LLC, the business that leases the Manhattan Casino in south St. Petersburg, is on track with rent payments but has yet to meet the employment targets established in its agreement with the city.

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PitchLyst Startup Report Episode #009

Catalyst Publisher Joe Hamilton sits down with Sheryl Hunter, founder of Hunter Law.

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New works from Beacon Dance: Your weekend arts forecast

There are quite a few professional dancers in St. Petersburg, says Helen Hansen French, who is herself one...

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The Shuffle

William "Jamie" Jamieson
Cott Corp.


The Hustle

Margaret Penney

Margaret Penney brought a breadth of multi-disciplinary design experience with her to the St. Petersburg bungalow that she and her partner have called both home and business for the last 10 years.

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Preserve The 'Burg

True to its name, Preserve the ‘Burg works tirelessly to maintain the history, charm and beauty of the Sunshine City.

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Gina Driscoll
St. Pete City Council

Focus: Density

Density's Next Frontier: The Suburbs [CityLab]

According to a new study, the continuing low density of inner suburbs is a major cause of the housing crisis—and a potential solution.

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Apr. 5

Apr. 11-28

Apr. 16

ProjectMQ: Taking Indie Games to the Next Level with PayPal. [PayPal]

ProjectMQ helps indie devs more easily sell their indie games, and helps gamers quickly find video games they'll LOVE!

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