Bright Community Trust expands regionally [Audio]

It started with an innocuous question. The Bright Community Trust Board, the staff, the CEO and consultants were discussing a plan to build 46 homes. One of the consultants asked whether 46 homes, despite being a a large project, would move the needle on affordable housing in Pinellas county? CEO Anthony Jones laughed and replied “that’s more like 12,000.” That question changed the conversation and ultimately the focus for the Trust.

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Joe Landi hustles

What do you do? Think & visualize and create A LOT. If I think it, I want to see it, shape it, work it, make it real. Then it’s quickly on to the next thing. There is no Off switch.

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Emery Ivery, United Way Suncoast

Change Agent Emery Ivery talks philanthropic impact in St. Pete, combating poverty, and long-term recovery from Hurricane Irma.

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The Shuffle

Kelly Cullen
Tampa General Hospital

Melanie Cech
Gazelle Capital


Jane Buckman
Imagine Museum

Focus: Return

Impact investing goes mainstream


PoweredUP Tampa Bay Tech Festival

May 23

Champions for ACT

May 4

The State of Non-Profits in Pinellas County

May 10

Partner Content

The St Pete Run Fest origin story by co-founder Ryan Jordan

After spending 20 years in IT, making the transition to race director was scary. Each day ran the emotional spectrum from moments of bliss to feelings of terror at the possibility of failure (apparently this is normal).

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