Threshold 360 expands its horizons

Increased demand by consumers who want to know what to expect before they walk into a restaurant, store or hotel is driving growth at Threshold 360, a Tampa tech company.

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myMatrixx founder is behind the Synapse appearance of these Silicon Valley money guys

Two early-stage venture capitalists from the San Francisco Bay area will be at the Synapse Summit to check out local investment possibilities, thanks to Steve MacDonald, founder of the former Tampa pharmacy benefits manager myMatrixx.

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Business briefs: Jabil in the cloud, Washlava patent and more

A push into making products for the cloud computing space is expected to be a $1 billion a year business for Jabil Inc.

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A Visual Journey Through Addiction [New York Times]

Why do people start taking opiods and why can't they stop? Through interviews with users and experts, The New York Times created a visual representation of how these drugs can hijack the brain.

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The Hustle

Story Stuart & Steve Bliven (Beans & Barlour)

Beans & Barlour is a craft coffee bar and dessert lounge that serves all your favorite desserts … with a kick.

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Tampa Bay Watch

Tampa Bay Watch is an environment-focused nonprofit devoted to education, protection and restoration of our beloved Tampa Bay.

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The Shuffle

Tara Semb
Bovie Medical

Mark Cantrell
The Florida Orchestra


J.P. Dubuque
St. Petersburg EDC

Focus: Development

The Dollar Store Backlash Has Begun

It has become an increasingly common story: A dollar store opens up in an economically depressed area with scarce healthy and affordable food options, sometimes with the help of local tax incentives.

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Dec. 31

Jan. 23-24

Feb. 16

ACUMEN: Lifestyle

Why Americans and Britons work such long hours [The Economist]

Society as a whole must judge whether or not there is more to life than work.

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