Meet the St. Pete company that’s innovating the insurance industry

Their innovative idea to solve a niche industry problem, coupled with their lean strategy, was an instant hit. To best understand the needs of insurance companies – CaseGlide’s target clients – Todd conducted a listening tour. He asked about pain points and listened for areas where companies desperately sought improvement. With just a drawn prototype of CaseGlide’s basic functions, he sold their first client – before the platform was even built.

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Boston Wants People To Build Tiny Houses In Their Yards

Last week, a prototype of a simple, 360-square-foot dwelling called the Plugin House appeared outside Boston City Hall. The crisp white box, unfurnished but with portals for plumbing and electricity ready to go, took about 5 hours for a five-person team to assemble.

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Randall Russell, Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg

An insightful, wide-ranging conversation on philanthrophy in St Petersburg. [62:09]

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The Hustle


In five years she has taken Keep St. Pete Lit from a rag-tag band of book junkies to one of the state's premier literary organizations, built through focused programming and smart partnerships.

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Bringing savings to your doorstep since 1968.

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The Shuffle

Nathan Schwagler

Matt Spence
Feeding Tampa Bay


Sean Kennedy
St Pete Greenhouse

Focus: News

The Future of News


May 16

May 23

May 30

ACUMEN: Learning

Learning Is a Learned Behavior. Here’s How to Get Better at It. [HBR]

Many people mistakenly believe that the ability to learn is a matter of intelligence. For them, learning is an immutable trait like eye color, simply luck of the genetic draw. People are born learners, or they’re not, the thinking goes. So why bother getting better at it?

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