Best of 2018: St. Pete 10 years after the recession: A city with confidence

Finance Editor Margie Manning took a deep dive into St. Pete a decade after the Great Recession. She found the St. Petersburg business community thriving.

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Best of 2018 - I-175: The legacy of interstates and why St. Pete’s is so important

As the City of St. Petersburg looks forward to the redevelopment of the Tropicana Field site, one particular on-again, off-again issue remains – the possibility of razing I-175.

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Best of 2018 - Affordable housing: A home of our own

The Zadars could be the poster family for Habitat for Humanity, the largest nonprofit homebuilder in the world. Habitat’s mission is to provide “simple, decent and affordable” housing for low-income families.

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SPx Classic: Chris Steinocher - St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce

Chris Steinocher celebrates the gifts of past citizens and challenges us to do epic good work now for future generations.

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The Hustle

Chad Mize (Chizzy)

These days, Chad Mize’s signature St. Petersburg design is as ubiquitous as green benches were in the 1950s. You can’t turn a corner without seeing a black T-shirt with white letters that say Paris London Tokyo St. Pete.

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St. Pete Chamber of Commerce

With a history dating back almost to the inception of the city, cultivating business and community here has long been a priority for the Chamber of Commerce and its dedicated members.

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The Shuffle

Tara Semb
Bovie Medical

Mark Cantrell
The Florida Orchestra


2018 in Review
Rachel Carpenter

Focus: Legacy

Best of 2018 - The Gulf Coast’s first family of fishing: The Hubbards

News of the resignation sent chills through halls of the Pentagon, where Mattis has been a calming influence amid the constant tumult of the Trump presidency.

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Dec. 31

Jan. 23-24

Feb. 16

ACUMEN: Giving

SPG Insight: Social enterprise blurs the lines between business and nonprofits

The need is great. The structure is in place to meet the need. And yet, we still have hungry, hurting and homeless people in our community.

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