Catching up with Council Member Darden Rice [Audio]

There’s no denying that the 2017 St. Pete mayoral election was heated. Beyond the Kriseman and Baker campaigns, Rice says that other city officials, including city council, ended up with some bruises and public distrust. She shares her role in fighting public cynicism, lifting up the city’s work to her constituents, and operating as a sounding board for the community.

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DisruptHR comes to Tampa to change the way we talk about the workplace [Audio]

The competition for talent in the workplace has never been more fierce, and the demands of company culture so high. Yet HR departments hold on to their reputation as stale paperwork pushers; Keri Higgins Bigelow says it’s more than time for disruption.

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What Kind of Leadership Works Best at Your Company? [Harvard Business Review]

Inventive companies like Amazon and Tesla are constantly churning out new products and services, but there is something else that they, and other distinctive enterprises, are also in the business of producing: their version of leadership.

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Kelly McBride & Kyle Taylor

Kelly McBride of Poynter Institute, Kyle Parks of B2 Communications talk being a couple in media, modern journalism, and the fight against fake news.

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The Hustle

Jessica Juliano

This is the type of work that changed my life. When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, I did everything in my power to take care of him. But it wasn't easy to balance his needs with my job and other responsibilities.

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Joe Landi

Think & visualize and create A LOT. If I think it, I want to see it, shape it, work it, make it real. Then it’s quickly on to the next thing. There is no Off switch.

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The Shuffle

Julie Clement

Melanie Cech
Gazelle Capital


John Collins
Arts Alliance

Focus: Coupling

“Disneyflix” could be … awesome. Think of the bundles of joy that ESPN-Pixar-Disney Animation-Marvel-Lucasfilm-ABC could offer.


The State of Non-Profits

May 10


May 23

Lunch Pals Celebration

May 30

Partner Content

The St Pete Run Fest origin story by co-founder Ryan Jordan

The running and events market is crowded, and a tough way to make a living.

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