Catching up with Rick Baker [Audio]

Rick Baker stopped by the Catalyst to talk about his new book and record an Influencer profile. Our conversation ran longer than the set of prepared questions to include his thoughts on Donald Trump, what he’s been up to since the election and what’s next.

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Intrinio is democratizing financial data one university at at time

So what does the democratization of data really mean? At the most basic level, it means breaking down traditional silos and providing access to financial data when and where it is needed.

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Preservation vs. development: The beat goes on [Perspective]

"The primary issue with preservation is that city’s rules make it practically impossible to create a local historic district of any significant size, protecting multiple historic properties in the context of their modern surroundings. They are forced to fight the battles property to property."

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Hartmut Liebel, iQor

Hartmut Liebel talks iQor's unique two-pronged approach to client service, fearlessness in the face of AI, and his "selfish" morning routine.

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The Hustle


The co-founders and directors of the Doyenne identified and solved a problem – where can women business professionals come together in a stress-free work environment.

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You can't turn a corner without seeing a black T-shirt with white letters that say Paris London Tokyo St. Pete and to date, he's sold more than 60,000 of them.

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The Shuffle

Kara Wilson

Gordon Gillette
The Early Learning Coalition


David Chitester

Focus: Social Media

What the New Facebook Update Means for Digital Marketing


Synapse Innovation Summit

March 28-29

TiECon Florida 2018

March 31

Rays Opener v. Red Sox The Trop

March 29

Partner Content

La Cucina Sabina: From retirement to redirection

What does a Raymond James executive do when he retires at 55? He moves to Italy to start a luxury culinary vacation program.

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