What’s going up in the Skyway Marina District? Here’s the status report

Tumbleweeds roll briskly across the old K-Mart parking lot on 34th Street South. At night, a lonely wind whistles through cracks in the abandoned, whitewashed storefront, calling attention, shoppers like a solitary owl to no one in particular.

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Artificial intelligence: The future is now

Recently, we saw a prime example of this when Google-owned DeepMind’s AlphaGo program beat the reigning world Go champion, Lee Sodol, 4-1 in what many consider to be the most difficult game in the world. What is most compelling is that the computer actually trained itself to play the game – it was not trained by humans.

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Funny business: Bob Shoemaker and Coconuts Comedy Club

It’s been 32 years since Bob Shoemaker burned his last necktie, stuck his law degree in a bottom drawer and bet the farm on a St. Pete Beach nightclub.

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Hartmut Liebel, iQor

Hartmut Liebel talks iQor's unique two-pronged approach to client service, fearlessness in the face of AI, and his "selfish" morning routine.

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The Hustle


Nathan Van Coops was hustling before hustling was cool.

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There’s not much difference between Maghan Morin and Jeanine Suah’s professional and personal lives. They live for their work, and they believe in what they do.

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The Shuffle

Kara Wilson

Gordon Gillette
The Early Learning Coalition


Sean Kennedy
Manager - St. Pete Greenhouse

Focus: Social Media

Bad Actors Are Using Social Media Exactly As Designed


Synapse Innovation Summit

March 28-29

TiECon Florida 2018

March 31

Rays Opener v. Red Sox The Trop

March 29

Partner Content

La Cucina Sabina: From retirement to redirection

What does a Raymond James executive do when he retires at 55? He moves to Italy to start a luxury culinary vacation program.

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