City of St. Pete applies for Complete Streets funding for Deuces Live/Warehouse Arts District

Increased demand by consumers who want to know what to expect before they walk into a restaurant, store or hotel is driving growth at Threshold 360, a Tampa tech company.

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How SunTrust Foundation’s $50K grant to Synapse will deepen the innovation community

he SunTrust Foundation-Tampa/Southwest Florida has awarded a $50,000 grant to Synapse to help companies and non-profit organizations solve real-world problems.

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Meet the 2019 board for Tampa Bay Tech

Kim Anstett, the chief information officer for The Nielsen Co., will lead the board of directors of Tampa Bay Tech in 2019.

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Bob Marcus is the man behind the Florida InfoGuide curtain

The Florida InfoGuide is ubiquitous in Pinellas County. A glossy, full-color, 64-page magazine blending local advertising – reams of it – with area facts, figures, trivia and roadmaps.

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The Hustle

Lisa Gilmore

For Lisa Gilmore, interior design is so much more than matching patterns and colors. She believes that each design should uphold the standard of “liveable glamour,” which is to capture an individual’s personality and lifestyle.

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GoZone Wifi

For most businesses, WiFi is just that: a wireless internet connection. But for businesses using GoZone, WiFi is a goldmine of data, just waiting to be harvested.

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The Shuffle

Tara Semb
Bovie Medical

Mark Cantrell
The Florida Orchestra


Mike & Beth Vivio
Corporate Fitness Works

Focus: Defense

'The Building Is in Shock.' The Pentagon Braces for Life After Mattis [Time]

News of the resignation sent chills through halls of the Pentagon, where Mattis has been a calming influence amid the constant tumult of the Trump presidency.

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Dec. 31

Jan. 23-24

Feb. 16

ACUMEN: Podcasting

How to Sound Pretty Good on a Podcast: Useful Advice for Beginners [Medium]

Kickstarter Games’ Trin Garritano shares a few things she’s learned while making the ‘I Think You Two Would Get Along’ podcast

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