Dear Penny: The Penny Hoarder’s column to debut in the Times Sunday

Filing for bankruptcy and still struggling to make ends meet, dealing with mom’s cheapskate boyfriend, and convincing a significant other that he should have paid off his student debt yesterday.

All of these tricky situations have been the subject of personal finance blog The Penny Hoarder‘s new column, Dear Penny. Launched in March 2018, Dear Penny shares advice in those nightmarish, yet all too common situations where life and money mix.

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Getting crafty: St. Pete’s Craft Coffee Tour opens doors to new consumers

When a friend suggested that St. Pete native and coffee connoisseur Brendan Smith organize a local “shop-to-shop” tasting tour of specialty coffee around the city, he couldn’t get the idea out of his head.

It sounded like the perfect idea at the right time, the local coffee industry was booming. It started small, but like all great ideas, it quickly took root. “I created a small Facebook event for some friends and after a few months, the responses were overwhelming,” Smith said.

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Corporate CEOs took home more than you think [Axios]

The CEOs running S&P 500 companies cumulatively took home $10 billion in 2017, an amount that is 44% higher than what is usually reported, according to an Axios analysis of Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

The big reason: CEOs cashing in their stock.

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SPx classic: Kyle Taylor, The Penny Hoarder

Kyle Taylor talks the changing face of our economy, what that means for business and education, and how The Penny Hoarder is revolutionizing digital publishing as we know it.

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The Hustle

Thomas Paterek (Stevie & Fern)

Whether working with industry titans or beloved local gems, Stevie and Fern's small-but-mighty team has been known to artfully challenge clients, delivery excellence, and maintain a tight focus on all aspects of brand identity, from consumer research to social media.

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American Strategic Insurance

From humble beginnings in the Sunshine State, American Strategic Insurance (ASI) is now one of the 15 largest homeowners insurance carriers in the United States.

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The Shuffle

Shevette Batts
St. Petersburg Free Clinic

Jason Mathis
St. Pete Downtown Partnership


Brian Bailey

Focus: Private Equity

Barbarians grow up.

As private-equity firms mature, the way they buy and sell is changing.


July 26

Aug 30

July 24


Agile Is The Mindset Of The Modern Marketing Organization [CMO]

The promise? To break down organizational silos and get things done quickly and efficiently, in sync with the rapid pace of technological change happening all around us today.

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