Fintech pioneer, blockchain innovation highlight BlockSpaces event at Embarc Collective

Matteo Rizzi was leading the way in financial technology before the term fintech was in use.

He will bring his insights into financial service disruption to Tampa next month, when he keynotes a program organized by BlockSpaces, a blockchain technology development studio.

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City preps to dig deeper into StPete2050

During an upcoming series of community workshops, St. Petersburg officials will unveil the first glimpse at what city residents want the city to look like over the next 30 years.

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Coming soon: St. Pete’s second annual Celebration of the Arts

February will bring the second annual St. Petersburg Celebration of the Arts, a collection of public events unified by a single theme – this year, it’s Tolerance and Acceptance.

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Innovation in The 'Burg: Episode 11

How one unexpected partnership is using data to keep families together...

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ICYMI: Arts and Crafts museum will most likely open this spring

The curtain of mystery around St. Petersburg’s $90 million Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement is being gradually lifted.

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The Shuffle

Mark Runyon
Tampa General Hospital


The Hustle

Joe Landi (Joe Landi Creative)

Just two years in the 'Burg makes Joe Landi a relative newcomer to St. Pete's creative scene, but he's no stranger to the field. Landi boasts extensive experience in advertising and creative problem solving through his long-running agency tenure and solo ventures.

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Catalyze 2020: James Briggs

Briggs writes, "We believe that the organizations making the largest economic and cultural impacts in our communities and lives will be those who can harness the dialogue between our burgeoning business and art communities into a new paradigm..."

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James Briggs
Carroway + Rose

Focus: Pseudoscience

Good Science, Bad Science, Pseudoscience: How to Tell the Difference [Farnam Street]

In a digital world that clamors for clicks, news is sensationalized and “facts” change all the time. Here’s how to discern what is trustworthy and what is hogwash.

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Jan. 28

Feb. 8

Feb. 13

Why Florida Is Becoming a Global Tech Hub for Israeli Startups [Grit Daily]

Florida is home to several technology companies and is growing as more programs to help them pop up in the state. Many young entrepreneurs begin looking to the sunshine state for a start where they can establish their company.

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