Florida team makes final 3 in StartupBus competition

Hyve, a tech company formed last week by a StartupBus Florida team, made it to the final three spots in the StartupBus final pitch competition Sunday.

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St. Pete 2.0: Keeping the St. Pete vibe while planning for growth [Survey]

Our series with St. Pete Downtown Partnership continues. What are your thoughts on preservation and development in St. Pete? How can St. Petersburg balance attracting incoming residents and maintaining a high quality of life for established residents? How would you like to see St. Petersburg look in 10 years?

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With roots that grow a century deep, Sunken Gardens continues to thrive

St. Petersburg might be a very different place today if Titan Marketing Group had purchased Sunken Gardens back in 1999, as the Homosassa-based real estate company planned.

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ICYMI: Tampa Bay Rays' Bill Walsh talks redesigning baseball stadiums for a new generation of fans

On this episode of Innovation in the 'Burg: Rays baseball. Tampa Bay Rays VP of Strategy and Development Bill Walsh talks with host Alison Barlow and community member (and huge Rays fan) Paul Carder. Walsh talks redesigning stadiums for a new generation of fans, what a new stadium could look like, and how the Rays are meeting the demands of changing consumer behavior.

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Five changes ahead for Synapse Summit 2020

A big name speaker, more hands-on experiences and opportunities to talk to people who share common interests are among the highlights expected at the 2020 Synapse Summit.

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The Shuffle

Tim Hudson
Etairos Health, Inc.


The Hustle

Drew Pomeroy (PedalPub St. Pete)

Drew Pomeroy is the manager and a (highly-skilled) jack of all trades at PedalPub St. Pete, the business behind the pedal-powered drink mobile that you have doubtlessly seen meandering its way through the streets of downtown.

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Blazing trails since 1977 – PSCU has been an innovator in the banking world for decades.

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Tonay Elmore
TB Innovation Center

Focus: Zoning

Tackling zoning to help the middle class: 5 policy approaches [Brookings]

Five key lessons emerged on how to address challenges around zoning and land use at a local level.

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July 31

Aug 21

Sep. 9

How the West Got China's Social Credit System Wrong [Wired]

It occupies a spot next to 'Black Mirror' and Big Brother in popular imagination, but China’s social credit project is far more complicated than a single, all-powerful numerical score.

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