PitchLyst connects the community to startups

Tampa-St. Pete’s startup community is on fire, and PitchLyst, a new product from St. Pete Catalyst, is fueling the blaze.

PitchLyst features online profiles of high-quality young companies with innovative products and services that will make an impact in their industry and in our community.

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Florida tech investments bring economic benefits to the state

Investments by the Florida Growth Fund program in technology and growth companies and private equity firms have provided double-digit returns and hundreds of millions of dollars for the Florida Retirement System.

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Tampa data science firm aims to be the ‘Nielsen of the beverage alcohol industry’

Proof Network Ventures wants to bring data science to the global beverage alcohol industry.

The Tampa company is collecting information that will provide insights to those who make, distribute and sell products and help them make better decisions, said CEO Alex Miningham.

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How I Built This With Guy Raz - Bonobos: Andy Dunn

When Andy Dunn was in business school, his housemate Brian Spaly created a new type of men's pants: stylish, tailored trousers that fit well in both the hips and thighs.

Together, they started the men's clothing company Bonobos.

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The gifts of gab: Radio Theatre Project celebrates 10 years

The power of storytelling transcends age, gender and predilection; since the dawn of humankind, from cave fires to camp fires, from the wireless box to the iPod and the Bluetooth, people have simply liked to listen.

That’s the premise behind St. Petersburg’s Radio Theatre Project, celebrating its 10th anniversary season in 2019.

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The Shuffle

Michael Clifton


The Hustle

Miles Fetherston-Resch (Kids Saving Oceans)

What were you doing with your allowance at age 6 1/2? You may have been watching "Captain Planet," but our bet is you weren't trying to save the earth. But Miles Fetherston-Resch is. After watching Shark Week in the summer of 2018, he tried to convince his mom to let him donate his weekly allowance to save the sharks. She convinced him to think even bigger, and together they founded Kids Saving Oceans.

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R'Club Child Care

R’Club provides care for more than 4,000 Pinellas County students, to help out working parents.

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Bob Glaser
Smith & Associates

Focus: Commute

Stuck and Stressed: The Health Costs of Traffic [New York Times]

The physical and psychological toll of brutal commutes can be considerable.

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Jan. 24

Jan. 30

Feb. 16

Soon, Everything Will Be A Scooter Startup [Crunchbase]

Eventually, all things merge into one, and a scooter drives over it.

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