Joanna Sikes, Executive Director of the Imagine Museum on SPx [Audio - 40:58]

Joanna Sikes talks her varied life arch and career, working with Santana, Dale Chihuly and the American Studio Glass movement

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St. Pete is the new epicenter of the American Studio Glass movement

In early 2018, St. Pete’s already impressive collection of museums became even more so. The Imagine Museum opened its doors in late January, boasting one of the foremost glass collections in the country, curated by the highly-respected Habatat Gallery. The museum and its mission, “to inspire and uplift and educate” are a vision of the museum’s founder, Trish Duggan.

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The currency of meaning: one barrier to nonprofit collaboration

Aligned interest and trust are the core tenets that make collaborations work – each stakeholder had an incentive to join the collective effort. With these two attributes in mind, we examine why our local entities don’t collaborate nearly as readily as they should.

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Jill St Thomas

On the day of poweredUP, Tampa’s leading technology festival, we discuss a wide range of important topics like women in STEM, educating our future technologists and more. [Audio]

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The Hustle


The Well, based in Tampa, seeks to meet needs and provide support for the poor, to accomplish the vision of, "Needs met, bridges built, a city made whole.” To support this vision, The Well has created their first social enterprise, WellBuilt Bikes, which refurbishes and sells bicycles.

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PowerChord transforms how brands drive local sales, both online and in-store. How? By creating a universal branded experience, and syndicating it to thousands of locations.

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The Shuffle

Kim Spencer
U of Central Florida

Lauren Martin
B2 Communications


Kristen Shepherd

Focus: Design

London’s Big Push for Better Design


June 13

June 4

May 30

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