Communication, comedy and Kathleen Taylor

As a licensed mental health professional whose field of expertise is helping doctors, clinicians, family members and friends communicate with the seriously or terminally ill, with honesty and compassion, Kathleen Taylor sometimes has to go out of her way to put joy in her own life.

She does this as a member of the improvisational comedy corps at American Stage (she also teaches the craft of improv). And, Taylor is quick to point out, her two “occupations” aren’t the polar opposites they might appear.

“All conversations are improvised,” Taylor said following her talk at Friday’s CreativeMornings meetup, at Station House in downtown St. Pete. “When you think about it, you don’t know what the other person’s going to say. You don’t know their point of view and their perspective. Improv is the same way – you don’t know what’s going to emerge. You have to pay attention to the other person, and let something happen, instead of trying to make something happen.

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SVP winners, tariffs impact on Superior and other business news briefs

Shepherd’s Village, which provides housing and education for single mothers, won the $25,000 first place prize in Social Venture Partners Fast Pitch Thursday night.

In advance of the Dec. 7 Grow Smarter Summit, the city of St. Petersburg and the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce want to know what you think about the economic development strategy.

University of South Florida St. Petersburg and the USF Nelson Poynter Memorial Library will split a $2 million gift from the estate of Josephine Hall, a St. Petersburg woman noted for her love of music and cultural experiences.

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Photo Gallery: Suncoast Tiger Bay Club’s 40th Anniversary featuring Mitch Landrieu

Suncoast Tiger Bay Club celebrated 40 years in St. Petersburg on Thursday, October 11. The Honorable Robert E. Beach and the Honorable Bernie McCabe were recognized, and former New Orleans mayor, Mitch Landrieu addressed the crowd for the keynote speech.

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BS Jobs: How Meaningless Work Wears Us Down

In 2013, anthropologist David Graeber wrote an article in which he described these types of positions as "bullshit jobs." He received a flood of responses from people for whom this label struck a chord — people who felt their work was, essentially, meaningless.

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The Hustle

Chad Harris (Studio Laconic)

Chad Harris founded his own architectural firm in 2017. As an LEED-accredited professional and a former realtor, Harris brings his extensive knowledge of sustainable buildings to bear on his architectural practice. He focuses on improving the built environment, which is the method underlying his design of structures such as the 4th St Lofts, a tall, efficient multi-family project in Colorado.

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Triad Retail Media

In 2004, what was then known as Triad Digital Media contacted Walmart to suggest that the retail giant convert its website into a media publisher in order to beef up its online presence and sales. Walmart took Triad up on its offer, thereby marking the birth of Triad’s holistic, comprehensive approach to advertising. Based in St. Petersburg, this full-service digital marketing company plans and executes content and advertising programs on a wide range of digital retail media.

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The Shuffle

Laura Iversen
Bovie Medical Co.

Maria S. Lucas


Eric Smith
Inclusivity LLC

Focus: Storm Surge

A Storm-Resilient Park in Queens [CityLab]

By replacing Long Island City’s industrial waterfront with native grasses, Hunters Point South Park stands ready to withstand any storm surge.

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Nov 6-7

Nov 7

Nov. 17

ACUMEN: Russia

How Russian Trolls Imitate American Political Dysfunction [The Atlantic]

When it comes to sowing discord, U.S. politicians and pundits have had plenty of practice.

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