KnowBe4 wraps up 2019 in a big way

KnowBe4 doesn’t want to keep its 27 consecutive quarters of sales growth under wraps.

On Monday, the cybersecurity training company displayed its sales gains on a massive banner that wrapped around the outside of its downtown Clearwater headquarters. CEO Stu Sjouwerman was depicted perched on top of a chart, with bars that each represented double-digit quarterly growth.

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Lawmakers, educators propose the Florida Seal of Fine Arts

Pinellas County legislators and educators renewed their commitment to the arts Tuesday, announcing a proposed bill – filed in Tallahassee just this week – that would recognize high school graduates who have achieved high levels of skill in fine arts coursework.

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St. Anthony’s, Morton Plant launch $5 million Alzheimer’s study

Your eyes may hold the key to detecting early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

That’s the idea behind a $5 million, five-year study backed by BayCare Health System, University of Rhode Island and other healthcare providers to see if retinal scanning can help clinicians detect Alzheimer’s disease 20 years or more before patients develop symptoms.

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Reset: What California's new data privacy law means for all of us [Vox]

The country's strongest data privacy law just went into effect in California.

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Florida’s own Jim Stafford returns to Pinellas this weekend

Right about the time Tom Petty and his Heartbreaker bandmates were leaving Florida to try for record business success in Big Bad California, the Sunshine State’s brightest star was a lanky, long-haired singer, guitar player and comedian from Eloise, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cowtown on the southern edge of Polk County.

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The Shuffle

Debbie Sokolov
The James Museum of Western & Wildlift Art


The Hustle

Neill Holland (Ocean Aid 360)

Neill Holland is a captain at Ocean Aid 360, a nonprofit dedicated to saving marine life through the use of community-level interventions and evidence-based assessments.

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Catalyze 2020

Catalyze 2020: Randall H. Russell

Randall Russell writes, "There’s much discussion these days about how easy it is for all of us to stay in our bubbles of pre-existing ideas, values and beliefs. We tend to live in communities of like-mindedness and sociological sameness, limiting our ability to experience and leverage new ideas and perspectives."

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Randall Russell
Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg

Focus: Tech

ICYMI: Tampa entrepreneur texts the way to mental health

Music helped Tampa entrepreneur Johnny Crowder deal with his mental health issues.

Now, Crowder is tapping technology to provide a mental health resource to others.

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Jan. 8

Jan. 9

Jan. 15

What's Next In Tech? We Dodged Robots At CES To Find Out [NPR]

Flying cars, big-screen TVs that rotate vertically to better show your mobile videos, a trash can that changes its own bag: Welcome to CES.

About 200,000 people will descend on Las Vegas this week to check it all out at the annual technology extravaganza of the Consumer Electronics Show.

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