The path to Corporate Fitness Works with Beth and Michael Vivio

When Michael Vivio left Valpak, the business community was eager to see where he’d land. There was speculation he’d leave the area – get recruited away by another company. Private equity firms always need experienced executives and the money can be great, so that made the rounds as another option. It turned out that we’d have to wait over a year to find out the answer. Vivio applied the same methodical process he’s used as a successful executive to plan this next move. As is usually the case when he makes a thoughtful decision, it was worth the wait.

Not only is Michael Vivio staying in the city he loves, he bought a local company with his accomplished wife Beth. Corporate Fitness Works, a nearly 30-year-old company, checked all the boxes for the couple. It was already successful with room for growth. It was a big enough project to be interesting. Most importantly, it aligned with the values the Vivio family holds dear.

Click through to hear the story behind the Vivios’ journey from Valpak to Corporate Fitness Works.

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Connecting around differences: Bridge-a-thon set for Sept. 29

In an increasingly siloed world, both in person and online, it can be easy to surround yourself with people who are similar to you. Social circles get smaller as media platforms like Facebook use specific algorithms to show you mostly content you like, or agree with.

Heath Fogelman, co-founder of Bridges, wanted to change that.

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Registration for 2019 Skyway 10K begins Thursday

Registration for the second annual Skyway 10K Bridge Run officially opens at 1 p.m. Thursday. Participation in the 2019 event – taking place Sunday, March 3 – will be capped at 8,000 runners (an increase of 500 over the 2018 limit).

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How To Study And Learn More Effectively [PsychCrunch audio - 13:01]

Can psychology help us to learn better? Our presenter Christian Jarrett discovers the best evidence-backed strategies for learning, including the principle of spacing, the benefits of testing yourself and teaching others.

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The Hustle

Keith Gilbert (Buster's Antiques)

With upcycled pieces from all around the world, this shop's vintage pieces are truly one of a kind. The shop spends its time searching for furniture from around the world to bring to the city and its art-loving community.

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American Stage

Since 1977, American Stage has offered the highest-quality theatrical productions in Tampa Bay.

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The Shuffle

Haley Rademacher
Grow Smarter

Krista Quicker
Big Sea


Alex Harris

Focus: Reptiles

Invasive Reptiles Are Taking Over Florida—and Devouring Its Birds Along the Way [Audobon]

Birds like Roseate Spoonbills and Burrowing Owls are ending up in the stomachs of hungry pythons and nile monitors. Is it too late to stop them?


October 6-14

September 27

September 15

ACUMEN: Criticism

9 Skills Marketers Need in the Age of AI [ConversionXL]

The robots are taking over. They’re going to be better than us, and then steal our jobs, and eventually turn on us and conquer the world. That’s the kind of hyperbolic language you’re probably hearing everywhere today. But some of it is true.

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