What the seven-figure home purchases of top tech leaders says about the industry’s growth in Tampa-St. Pete

Here’s one signal that the Tampa-St. Pete area is becoming a major hub for technology.

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St. Pete 2.0: Could consolidation bring opportunities for St. Pete’s workforce? [Survey]

Jason Mathis writes, "As the university plans for the future, we’d like your opinion on which programs USF St. Petersburg should focus on attracting to enhance our city, our region and the university as a whole."

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National Popular Vote consultant to speak in St. Pete

In the last twenty years, two U.S. presidential elections have been won by a candidate who lost the popular vote. In both 2000 and 2016, what critics say is a flawed and antiquated electoral college system, has been called into question. Now, a controversial movement has formed to fundamentally change the way the electoral college functions.

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PitchLyst Startup Report #035: Sage Legion

Joe Hamilton is joined in the studio by Sage Legion's Tom Witmer.

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Bringing a strange obsession to the stage

One of the most bizarre stories ever to come out of Florida was that of German X-ray tech Carl von Cosel, whose 75-page “memoir” was published in Fantastic Adventures magazine in 1947.

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The Shuffle

Monica Kile
Preserve the 'Burg


The Hustle

Alsace Walentine (Tombolo Books)

In an age where print is generally considered a dying medium, the independent book store remains alive and well.

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Blazing trails since 1977 – PSCU has been an innovator in the banking world for decades.

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Lakshmi Shenoy
Embarc Collective

Focus: Social networks

Would the Internet Be Healthier Without 'Like' Counts? [Wired]

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have moved to hide or obscure measures of popularity, in the name of less toxic dialog. Users give a thumbs-down.

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Sep. 24

ICYMI: St. Pete X Ep. 52: Marcin Kleczynski, founder of Malwarebytes

Message boards to Malwarebytes: Founder Marcin Kleczynski talks origins, industry and the evolution of cyber threats

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