One-woman nonprofit operation wins $15,000 grand prize at SVP Fast Pitch

Thursday night, Casto’s hard work paid off when she was voted the $15,000 Grand Prize Winner of Social Venture Partners (SVP) Tampa Bay’s Fast Pitch competition.

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Lessons in leadership from Big Brothers Big Sisters CEO Pam Iorio

Take risks. Be vulnerable. Believe in yourself.

That was some of the advice Pam Iorio, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and former mayor of Tampa, offered during a talk with Moez Limayem, dean of the USF Muma College of Business.

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Seedfunders-backed gunfire detection product gets ready to hit the streets

Safe Zone Technologies Inc. expects to ship its first gunfire detection units to customers Feb. 24.

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Meet Second Place Winner of SVP Tampa Bay Class of 2020: Feeding Tampa Bay

In 2019, Feeding Tampa Bay rescued and distributed 50 million meals. On any given day, Feeding Tampa Bay’s 40 trucks are traveling throughout the 10-county area, “rescuing” food that would otherwise be thrown away, from retail partners like grocery stores and even farmers themselves.

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‘For Justice and Peace’: Sphinx Virtuosi at the MFA tonight

Eighteen musicians strong, the Sphinx Virtuosi is a touring chamber orchestra, all strings, whose members are African American or Latinx. Each player is an alumni of the internationally renowned Sphinx Competition.

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The Shuffle

Patrick McGee
St. Anthony's


The Hustle

Ashley Smith

For some, spirituality, meditation and yoga are simply practices. But for Ashley Smith, they are a way of life. As a energetic healer, yogi, mentor and teacher, Smith lives out her beliefs in her work, both one-on-one and in workshop/retreat settings

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He Said, She Said

ICYMI: Coloring in the presidential primary with Steve Vancore and Adam Goodman

On this episode of He Said, She Said, our hosts are joined by pollster Steve Vancore and national media strategist Adam Goodman. Peter and the guests dig into the various paths the Democratic primary could take, Bernie v. Bloomberg and what the next few weeks could mean for the the presidential race.

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Diane Bailey Morton

Focus: Policing

Mike Bloomberg’s stop-and-frisk problem, explained [Vox]

Bloomberg was synonymous with stop and frisk. Now he’s trying to run away from it.

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Feb. 21

Feb. 23

Mar. 6

PitchLyst Startup Report #055: CoLabs

John Wagner join Joe Hamilton in the studio.

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