Meet the new team at OPEN

St. Petersburg was introduced to the Open Partnership Education Network (OPEN) in late 2016. OPEN is a collaborative effort inspired by the Aspen Institute, and housed within the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

The brainchild of transplant philanthropist Jim Aresty, OPEN seeks to break down barriers and broaden horizons for the citizens of St. Pete – to create a smarter, better-connected society by gathering us together for intellectual discourse.

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Doggery Craft Ice ready to help with St. Pete’s designer drinks

After a 27-year career in the United States Air Force, Clifton Fischer was in search of a business opportunity he could be passionate about.

In an upscale Chicago hotel last fall, he found what he was looking for. Over cocktails.

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Agencies begin high-resolution coastal mapping

The Florida Coastal Mapping Program (FCMaP) is an initiative between federal and state agencies and institutions to assess existing data and develop a strategy for mapping all of Florida’s coastal waters, from the shore to the shelf edge. Today’s maps are non-existent or incomplete – in the Gulf of Mexico off St. Petersburg, maps currently exist for just 19 percent of near-shore seabeds, and only six percent of off-shore beds.

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Jordan Peterson

Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union

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The Hustle

Tyler Gillespie

This year, this hustler published "Florida Man: Poem", a collection of stories, sonnets, and lyric poems that explore the idea behind the news headline 'Florida Man', a term used for peculiar-but-true, sometimes hilarious stories about alligators flying off into fast food joints, unbelievable drunken escapades or stolen baby parrots.

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Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is a highly-ranked, internationally-recognized academic pediatric care center in St. Petersburg.

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The Shuffle

RJ Jacques
Big Sea

Alex Wright
Franklin Street


Benjamin Smet

Focus: Tiny Homes

Tiny home communities: housing solution or gentrified trailer parks?


June 27

July 12

July 24


10 ‘Building 360-degree businesses’: How video creators are making money today[DIGIDAY]

On the first morning of VidCon, about 100 marketing industry people assembled in a room in the Anaheim Convention Center to learn about the business of being a creator today. To one panelist, a solution for the hundreds of creators wandering the floors below lies in blockchain technology.

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