Skyway to Record Man: local author explores untold stories of St. Pete

Gernhard wasn’t an angel – many of his cheated artists and one or two of his ex-wives say so in the book – but his was a uniquely American story, uniquely Floridian, uniquely Tampa Bay.

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Plug in: Financial acumen accelerates business and civic growth

Thanks to these incentives, Kobie Marketing is in line for $1.785 million in state tax refunds, if it follows through with its promised 255 jobs. Taylor Media is in line for $990,000 in state and local tax refunds if it delivers on 165 new hires by 2020. IT Authorities is in line for $600,000 in state and local refunds if it delivers 150 new jobs by 2020.

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Examining the R.O.I. on Customer Retention

A widely accepted marketing truism is that growing sales through existing customers is easier and cheaper than winning new customers. At first blush this sounds reasonable. You are in contact with customers who have already purchased from you. Since they’ve already responded to your bid for their attention, there is a good likelihood they will again. This “path of least resistance” may seem like a no-brainer to marketers. The reality, though, is that you are potentially wasting resources on an assumption that isn’t supported by critical examination.

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Emery Ivery, United Way Suncoast

Change Agent Emery Ivery talks philanthropic impact in St. Pete, combating poverty, and long-term recovery from Hurricane Irma.

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The Hustle


To meet Frank is to shake the fire-proof hand of a self-taught artist who pushes the the artistic and physical boundaries of his materials.

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In shaping our vision for the Hustle, we actually thought about Mark Lombardi-Nelson. He's been bringing authentic passion to the St Pete scene for years and his legend continues to grow.

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The Shuffle

Amy Kickliter
St Petersburg College

Shayne Fairley
My Florida Regional MLS


Paul Wilborn
The Palladium

Focus: Marketing

This is a critical point in marketers’ relationship with data privacy


Tiny Home Festival

April 5-7

Antiquarian Book Fair

April 20-22

Startups and Raising Capital

April 10

Partner Content

Dive right in: Tibbetts legacy continues with Cayman Islands resorts (part II)

“I am very pleased that the legacy established by Linton Tibbetts has not only thrived, but has passed on to the next generation, and continues to grow from strength to strength,” Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell said.

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