Downtown association gets a pier progress update

As in years past, the zenith (over water section) of the new pier will consist of retail space – in this case, a café and a single restaurant still to be determined – and an open area for fishing. New to the pier head will be shaded observation areas, to enjoy the views over and across Tampa Bay.

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St. Petersburg Group, St. Pete Catalyst partner with Et Cultura St Pete

“The world is paying attention to St Petersburg and Et Cultura St Pete (EtCStP) fosters the conversations we want the world to hear. Our challenge is to aggregate, celebrate and propel the thought leadership that is driving our renaissance” said Joe Hamilton.

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Micro & Macro Thinkers and Why Your Company Needs Both

We wouldn’t accomplish half of what we envision without the detail-oriented, nitty-gritty, micro-thinkers we depend on. Chances are, your company wouldn’t either.

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Heath Fogelman

Creator, co-founder, thought originator of Bridges. Alternative social media platform that is designed around connecting people by their differences in fundamental things like religion, politics, race, gender, gender identity, sexuality.

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The Hustle

Jeremy Douglass

You've heard of Florida Orchestra, but what about Florida Bjorkestra? The Bjorkestra is comprised of 20 musicians from the Tampa Bay Area, paying tribute to their favorite pop artists, including their namesake, Bjork.

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The co-founders and directors of the Doyenne identified and solved a problem – where can women business professionals come together in a stress-free work environment, to get things done and network with one another, outside of the typically male-dominated workplace?

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The Shuffle

Lashonda Curry
Fourdation for a Healthy St. Petersburg

Shayne Fairley
My Florida Regional MLS


Chuck Egerter
Eagle Datagistics

Focus: Persuasion

A conversation with early Facebook investor Roger McNamee on propaganda, early warning signs, and why outrage is so addictive.


Florida Business Analytics Forum

May 15

Antiquarian Book Fair

April 20-22

(SBE) Community Conversation

April 10

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