Pinellas commissioners agree to cash relief for small businesses, the unemployed

Pinellas County commissioners have approved the broad outlines of a program that would give cash assistance to small businesses in the county as well as individuals who have been hurt by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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New report shows racial disparities in Pinellas, Hillsborough Covid-19 cases

In Pinellas County, where the Census Bureau says 82.6 percent of the population is white and 11.1 percent is black or African American, the newly released data shows the black population has disproportionately more confirmed cases of Covid-19 and more hospitalizations, but fewer deaths.

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How the City of St. Petersburg is functioning under Covid-19

The City of St. Petersburg, its many departments and its employees are rapidly responding to the ramifications of Covid-19. But the city is also managing its responsibility to provide essential services and to mitigate the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mayor Rick Kriseman provided an update to City Council via Zoom, describing how the city itself is responding to and functioning within the pandemic.

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Living out the ‘St Pete Way’: St. Pete Virtual Tip Jar [video]

On this episode of Chamber Coronavirus Impact Insights, Adriana Generallo, VP of Client Experience at Big Sea joins Chris Steinocher, CEO of the St. Petersburg Chamber and Joe Hamilton, publisher of the St. Pete Catalyst to talk about her special project to help out St. Petersburg service workers, St. Pete Virtual Tip Jar.

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‘Catalyst Sessions’ recap: Giles Davies

Wednesday’s Catalyst Sessions began on a lighthearted note, with actor Giles Davies reciting the quasi-Shakespearean “Madlib Sonnet” created by Jobsite Theater’s friends, fans and family members, as a sort of fun, fundraising contest, in late March.

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Covid Map

Covid-19 Cases by Zip Code


Vintage St. Pete

VINTAGE ST. PETE: The Aquatarium

Jonah the whale never had a chance.

A 2,000 pound pilot whale, Jonah was the “star attraction” at the Aquatarium, the $3.5 million marine park that opened on St. Petersburg Beach in the summer of 1964.

Flipper, a series of hit family movies, would soon be all the rage as a Saturday night TV series, and tourists would surely pay good money to see bottlenose dolphins leaping through hoops, tossing beach balls and towing little dogs around on little surfboards. Why not a whale?

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Roundup: Takeout matters at Bloomin’, St. Pete’s Agora Edge makes masks, Tampa General research

Today’s roundup includes news about Bloomin’ Brands, Agora Edge, AdventHealth and Tampa General Hospital.

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Dr. Tonjua Williams
St. Petersburg College

Community Voices

Community Voices: There’s still time to save ‘The State’

In response to a St. Pete Catalyst article titled, “Goodbye, State Theatre. Hello, Floridian Social Club”, local Scott Bitterli wrote the following:

While I understand that everything comes and goes, and the new owners have poured tons of money and everything it takes to rejuvenate a 100-year-old iconic venue, I just died a little inside.

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Apr. 16

Apr. 16

Apr. 16

ICYMI: PikMyKid proposes using its technology to speed drive-thru Covid-19 testing

PikMyKid has proposed using the technology behind its school safety systems to make drive-thru testing for Covid-19 faster, safer and more efficient.

Testing is key to flattening the Covid-19 curve and stemming the spread of coronavirus, according to a project summary from PikMyKid.

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