Raymond James CEO speaks out on regulations, robo advising and leadership

“Under the new administration, no matter what you’ve read, we haven’t had a lot of relief from rules. We just haven’t had a lot of new ones,” Reilly said at the USF Muma College of Business Conversation with a CEO gathering Tuesday morning in Tampa.

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Startup Week panel: Tampa Bay can outshine Silicon Valley when it comes to diversity

“Everyone looks at Silicon Valley and Singapore and Dubai and London and even Hudson Yards and asks, ‘How do we mirror those areas?’” Hernandez said. “You know what those areas don’t do well? They don’t include their diverse populations.”

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Clearwater fintech expert weighs in on the latest Facebook scandal

A financial technology entrepreneur in Clearwater is calling for increased education and tougher restrictions for online credit and debit card usage, including games that allow children to rack up big charges on their parents’ cards.

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The NFL's virtual first-down line, explained [Vox]

Sports broadcasts are wallpapered with gratuitous graphics. They’re moving, they’re shiny, they sound like Transformers. Take them or leave them, the experience of watching football doesn’t really change.

With one exception: The yellow first-down line.

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Return to sender: Shakespeare and the mysterious Ella J

The mystery began in 2005 when Veronica Leone Matthews, a recent graduate of the USF St. Pete Department of English, found an envelope in her mailbox, addressed to “Resident.”

Inside, the U.S. Postal Service, via a rigid, all-caps form letter, apologized for “losing” her mail...

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The Shuffle

Marti Beller


The Hustle

Brooke Boyd (Hype Group)

You might recognize Hype Group's work from some of your favorite St. Pete brands. From Green Bench Brewing Co. to Made Coffee, to Bodega and beyond, Hype Group's striking branding has made them one of the best-known creative shops in town.

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The Bank of Tampa

Since 1984, The Bank of Tampa has developed into a regional banking powerhouse.

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Richard Heruska
Tampa Bay Wave

Focus: Facebook

Facebook: Where Friendships Go to Never Quite Die [The Atlantic]

These relationships are the ones that suffer most from Facebook’s shimmering unicorn-blood curse. They live an extended half-life far beyond their natural life span, hobbling on, an inch from death, in the form of likes and invitations to multilevel-marketing groups and news-feed photos of children you’ve never met and don’t care about.

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Feb. 4-8

Feb. 7

Feb. 16

PitchLyst Company: PikMyKid

PikMyKid is a comprehensive school safety system that ensures student safety & increases teacher efficiency while engaging over 85% of the parents & reducing traffic around schools. Main features include- dismissal automation, parent communication, liability mitigation, Safety Panic Button and Anonymous TipLine.

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