Former mayor Rick Baker backs driverless vehicle technology

Former St. Petersburg mayor Rick Baker has been added to the Advisory Board of California-based Coast Autonomous, a company that makes experimental, self-driving electric vehicles for cities looking to ease their mass transit woes.

“Cities matter,” Baker said in a statement released by Coast. “We are at the beginning of an enormous wave of change that will improve the daily lives of people living in cities around the world. Properly focused on the pedestrian, self-driving vehicles will make cities more user-friendly, safe, comfortable, productive and interesting.”

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Success story: Doug and Michelle Allen of Bananas Music

After 41 successful years in business, the truth about Doug Allen can now be told: He’s a pack rat. “He’s a hoarder,” laughs Michelle Middleton Allen, his wife and partner in Bananas Music. “He’s worse than a pack rat.”

With an inventory of more than three million pre-owned vinyl records, Bananas is one of the largest aftermarket record stores in the world. The Allens operate a retail outlet, which also includes new product, plus a 6,500 square foot warehouse that’s wall-to-wall records, all carefully categorized, alphabetized and neatly stored on shelves.

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What’s next for the EDGE district’s OpenHouse space?

Since early 2018, that space has been home to the pop-up restaurant and event space known as OpenHouse St. Pete. It has housed pop-up St. Pete Pride events, World Cup soccer watch parties, and private events of every flavor.

Now, as the sign reads, it will become the home of Baum Ave Market, starting in September.

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TED: Adam Grant

How do creative people come up with great ideas? Organizational psychologist Adam Grant studies "originals": thinkers who dream up new ideas and take action to put them into the world.

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The Hustle

Akeelah Kuraishi (Little Global Citizens)

Recently accepted into Tampa Bay Wave's TechDiversity Accelerator, Little Global Citizens is a start-up subscription box service inspired by Kuraishi and Minnick's life-altering, 13-month backpacking trip around the world.

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Fast forward to 2018, and Squaremouth has taken its pioneering west of 34th Street – past the boundaries of the Grand Central and Warehouse Arts Districts – and into its historic church home at 4355 Central Avenue.

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The Shuffle

Gary Praznik

Rick Baker
Coast Autonomous


Chuck Egerter
Eagle Datagistics

Focus: Disruption

Why MoviePass is the future — even if it doesn’t survive

MoviePass has changed people’s moviegoing habits. What does that mean for the industry?


August 22

Aug 30

October 10

ACUMEN: Fact Checking

How to be a better fact-checker in 8 videos [Poynter]

Ask any fact-checker and they’ll tell you: Finding the truth is hard.

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