Sail around the world, for charity, with this St. Pete couple

Captain Jopie Helsen and first mate Heidi Trilsch are taking their sailboat around the world – and they want you to come along.

Well, maybe not you, exactly, but perhaps someone you know, someone who’s up for adventure on a grand scale, and likes the idea of contributing to a worthy cause in the bargain.

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Eight community changing initiatives funded by FHSP Empowerment Grants

This week, the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg announced the eight non-profit recipients of their Empowerment Grants. The grants are intended to serve as flexible funding for nonprofits, a critical need identified in the Foundation’s State of Nonprofits in Pinellas County report. According to the report, just 39 percent of local nonprofits said they have adequate funding to meet their needs.

Grant recipients address a number of community needs that affect health equity, including housing and homelessness, education, civic engagement, and employment.

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What happened in the dark: Puerto Rico's year of fighting for power [Wired]

More Americans rely on Puerto Rico's grid than on any other public electric utility. How one renegade plant worker led them through the shadows.

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[Creative Mornings St. Pete] Katie Hawkins-Gaar: How Loss Taught Me to Manage My Anxiety and Start Living Again

Katie Hawkins-Gaar is a writer, journalist, and champion of women — and on February 4th, 2017, she also became a widow. Looking back on a year of profound growth and unexpected hope, Katie shares how she used creativity to conquer her anxiety and embrace the unknown.

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The Hustle

Sarah Davidson (Resility Health)

Sarah Davidson is CEO and founder of Resility Health. This Gainesville-based company is part of the Tampa Bay Wave TechDiversity accelerator. Resility Health addresses the chronic stress epidemic head-on.

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Ciccios Restaurant Group

Since 1996, Ciccio Restaurant Group (CRG) has been a powerhouse in Tampa Bay’s restaurant industry. What started with the opening of a restaurant called Ciccio and Tony’s (now known as Ciccio Water) has grown into nothing short of a culinary empire

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The Shuffle

Beth Meccariello
B2 Communications

Tricia Pressley


Brian Bailey

Focus: Chinese Art

The Great Chinese Art Heist

We sent Alex W. Palmer to investigate the trail of theft and the stunning rumor: Is the Chinese government behind one of the boldest art-crime waves in history?


August 30

September 6

September 15

ACUMEN: Manners

The End of ‘Ladies First’ Restaurant Service [Eater]

In scrapping certain customs, restaurants are redefining what “good manners” means for a new generation

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