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USFSP researchers track seaweed mass visible from space

For the past seven years, national agencies have tasked researchers at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg with tracking an ever-growing accumulation of what most people refer to as seaweed.

Dr. Chuanmin Hu, a professor at the College of Marine Science, takes issue with most publications calling the floating sargassum bloom a “blob.” He said it is a belt, and while it now stretches from the coast of Africa to the Caribbean, it is not continuous.

Saildrone reaches unmanned maritime milestones

Saildrone reaches unmanned maritime milestones

St. Petersburg’s property insurance bill soars 55 percent

St. Petersburg’s property insurance bill soars 55 percent

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The Catalyst interview: Leo Sayer

American music fans will remember singer Leo Sayer from the soulful ballad  “When I Need You” and the uptempo “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing,” ubiquitous on the radio, and No. 1 hits, in the mid/late ‘70s. They might have a fondness for “Long Tall Glasses (I Can Dance)” or “More Than I Can Say,” both of which landed in the Top Ten. He even did The Muppet Show.

Times and tastes change, of course, and Sayer and the U.S. pop charts parted ways in 1981. Although he has never stopped writing songs and making records, he played his last American show, to date, around 30 years ago.

Startup Report #125 - Pickeaxe

With co-founder Nathaniel Mahowald

Arts Alive! podcast: Playwright Mark E. Leib

Playwright Mark E. Leib was born in Tampa, and lives there now, but spent much of his life elsewhere. One day, he knew, he would write something about the history of his hometown. He just didn’t have a timeline.

Rays name new radio broadcaster
The latest on red tide
Authorities trap 10-foot alligator in St. Pete neighborhood

Mar 21 @ 07:00 PM

Poetry at Tombolo Books with Gloria Muñoz

Mar 23 @ 06:30 PM

Off The Rails

Mar 25 @ 01:00 PM

Why We Sing: Jon Arterton and Bob Morris

The Shuffle

Alfie Pearson

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Tampa Bay Rowdies

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Vélez Club de Fútbol

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