St. Pete City Council approves settlement in sewage spill lawsuit

Thursday afternoon at St. Petersburg City Hall, City Council voted to settle a lawsuit with the environmental organizations that sued the city in the wake of the city’s well-documented sewage crisis. The settlement will conclude a saga that began in 2015, when the city released up to one billion gallons of sewage – up to 200 million of which were dumped into Tampa Bay.

All City Council members in attendance voted unanimously to approve the settlement.

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Rock legend Bill Graham remembered in Holocaust Museum exhibit

On Aug. 18, the Florida Holocaust Museum in downtown St. Petersburg debuts the exhibition Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution.

It’s being installed at the Florida Holocaust Museum because Graham, born in Berlin as Wulf Wolodia Grajonca, escaped Nazi Germany as an 11-year-old refugee.

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Social Venture Partners announces Fast Pitch participants

The Tampa Bay affiliate of Social Venture Partners has announced 10 participants in its 2018 Fast Pitch program. Social Venture Partners is a worldwide network of philanthropic investors.

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[Planet Money] Trickle-Down Economics: Pricing H2O

When demand for a commodity is high and supply is low, providers usually just raise the price. That pushes demand down. But when that commodity is water - an essential for human life - those pricing rules don't apply. Or do they?

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The Hustle

Tara Segall (CreativeMornings)

If you've ever had the pleasure of attending Creative Mornings, you've likely heard Segall's quirky antics from the stage. If you haven't, you should. Even when the lecture topics get heavy, Segall brings a lighthearted presence and endearing comic relief.

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Luma Stream has built a stronghold in the fast-moving business of LED lighting all over the country.

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The Shuffle

Michael Vivio
Corporate Fitness Works

Rick Baker
Coast Autonomous


Alison Barlowe
Innovation District

Focus: Investment

2018 is shaping up to be a record year for private investing

VCs have already poured $73 billion into startups valued at $1 billion or more


August 22

Aug 30

October 10

ACUMEN: Nonprofits

What the Best Nonprofits Know About Strategy [HBR]

The nonprofit model has a strategic edge beyond tax exemption, and the best nonprofit leaders learn to leverage it.

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