Going deep with Peter Schorsch: The controversial political personality talks St. Pete development and building a media platform in your own hometown

On this episode of SPx, Peter Schorsch, the politico behind Florida Politics, joins Joe in the studio to talk St. Pete media. Schorsch is a complex and controversial figure in local and national politics. This episode goes deep - we see a surprisingly soft side of Schorsch, as he shares the challenges of building StPetersBlog (which later became Florida Politics) in his hometown - and the risks of making political enemies in your own back yard.

Schorsch also talks the downsides of growth and development in St. Pete, and the importance of remembering the city's history while it changes. True to form, Schorsch challenges Joe on his philosophy of objectivity in media and the role the Catalyst could play in public discourse

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Crist talks environment during Eckerd College visit

U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist said Monday that “lack of investment” by Florida’s government is clearly a contributing factor to the state’s current environmental crisis. The blue/green algae clogging South Florida rivers and estuaries – from nutrients dumped into Lake Okeechobee by Big Sugar – is feeding the toxic red tide bloom in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s an environmental catch-22.

Crist, the Democrat representing Florida’s 13th congressional district, made the remarks during an afternoon visit to the main campus of Eckerd College, where he congratulated president Donald Eastman and members of the scientific faculty on an innovative, campus-wide environmental project.

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The Death of Political Courage [The Atlantic]

Commitment to principle, despite its costs, is what America has lost with John McCain’s passing.

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[How I Built This] Live Episode! RXBAR: Peter Rahal

In 2013, Peter Rahal was obsessed with CrossFit, but noticed it didn't sell any snacks to align with its pro-paleo philosophy. So instead of joining his family's business, Rahal Foods, he recruited his friend Jared Smith to start making their own protein bar.

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The Hustle

Matthew and Katie Davies (Recycled Earth Pottery)

As Matthew and Katie Davies know, the couple that throws (a bowl on a pottery wheel) together, stays together. Matthew Davies throws daily, spending hours perfecting his craft.

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Das Health

Das Health is one of the leading providers of management and health IT solutions to the medical field.

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The Shuffle

Beth Meccariello
B2 Communications

Tricia Pressley


Bob Devin Jones

Focus: Social Science

The science behind social science gets shaken up - again

That tension is at the core of what researchers sometimes call the “reproducibility crisis,” the revelation that wide swaths of published science are not meeting a basic standard of the scientific method. Other researchers, using the same methods, should get the same results.


August 30

September 6

September 15

ACUMEN: Achievement

Maybe Your Sleep Problem Isn’t a Problem [New York Times]

The conventional wisdom is that morning people are high achievers, go-getters, while late risers are lazy. But what if going to bed in the wee hours is actually an advantage?

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