St. Pete 2.0 through the lens of economic development, with J.P. Dubuque [Audio]

Today’s leader: J.P. Dubuque. Dubuque is President of the St. Petersburg Economic Development Corporation, and “Storyteller in Chief” for St. Petersburg’s business community. Not only is he on the cutting edge of growing and developing local business and fulfilling the Grow Smarter initiative, he’s also one of the main players in charge of cultivating St. Pete’s potential by recruiting companies from outside our market.

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In its sophomore year, poweredUP tech fest to capitalize on industry surge

poweredUP Tech Fest, presented by Tampa Bay Tech, is back for year two on May 23 at the Mahaffey Theater in downtown St. Petersburg. This annual event features technology leaders from top companies both local and national. “Tampa Bay is Florida’s fastest-growing technology hub and we are the second fastest-growing tech hub in the nation,” said Jill St. Thomas, Tampa Bay Tech’s Co-Executive Director in a press release. “We have a unique market that is attracting global companies, making this flagship event critical to our community’s growth. We are bringing in world-class thought leaders to enlighten and inspire our attendees.”

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Bitcoin Sees Wall Street Warm to Trading Virtual Currency [NYT]

Some of the biggest names on Wall Street are warming up to Bitcoin, a virtual currency that for nearly a decade has been consigned to the unregulated fringes of the financial world.

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Kelly McBride & Kyle Parks

The St. Pete power duo talk being a couple in media, modern journalism, and the fight against fake news.

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The Hustle

Jeremy Douglass

The music just happens. It really doesn't. It takes a lot of work. Hours and hours of preparation go into just one show. From the weeks of 6-8 hour days of working on arrangements to putting the individual musicians' parts on paper, to the rehearsals. It takes at least a month out of my life to put on one of these concerts.

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Kobie Marketing

Practicing loyalty marketing with a passion.

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The Shuffle

Julie Clement

Emilie Harris


Darden Rice
St Pete City Council

Focus: Consulting

AI providers will increasingly compete with management consultancies


May 10

May 23

May 30

Partner Content

The St Pete Run Fest origin story by co-founder Ryan Jordan

The running and events market is crowded, and a tough way to make a living.

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ACUMEN: Loyalty

Access and personalization stoke fandom and stroke egos

Why Retailers Are Trading Points for Experiences When It Comes to Loyalty Programs

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