PitchLyst Startup Report: Lakshmi Shenoy of Embarc Collective [Video]

Joe Hamilton sits down with Embarc Collective CEO Lakshmi Shenoy. In this long-form converastion, they cover the origins of Embarc Collective and its imminent full launch upon completion of its physical hub later this year.

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Exclusive: PurePoint Financial’s hybrid digital bank finds a home in St. Pete

One potential model for the future of banking is taking shape in PurePoint Financial’s offices in the Tampa-St. Pete area.

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Innovation, military presence lead two Wave TechDiversity companies to establish local offices

Expect to see a lot more of two companies that are currently participating in Tampa Bay Wave’s TechDiversity accelerator.

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EO Products: Susan Griffin-Black & Brad Black [How I Built This With Guy Raz]

For 15 years, she and her husband and co-founder Brad Black barely scraped by, but the business eventually thrived.

And though their marriage ultimately ended, their partnership continues.

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Top of the bill: St. Petersburg City Theatre at 94

Part Two in a series.

Inside the yellow plastic tubs that hold the archives of St. Pete City Theatre, there are ghosts.

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The Shuffle

Michael Brooks


The Hustle


A rigorous conservatory training in percussion, a passionate voice, and an exciting online presence - Andē Tafelski is combining these elements to create a memorable musical experience.

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GoZone WiFi

Since 2014, GoZone WiFi has helped businesses make the most of their WiFi networks.

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Chip Webster
Tiger 21

Focus: Housing

Wisconsin's Minimum Wage Workers Locked Out Of Affordable Housing [WPR]

2-Bedroom Apartments Out Of Reach For Those Earning Minimum Wage In Wisconsin

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July 23

July 27

July 31

Highlights from Facebook’s Libra Senate hearing [TechCrunch]

Facebook will only build its own Calibra cryptocurrency wallet into Messenger and WhatsApp, and will refuse to embed competing wallets, the head of Calibra David Marcus told the Senate Banking Committee today.

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