Startup Weekend Tampa Bay empowers aspiring techies

Stand at the eastern edge of the In a wild Western tech landscape, it is sometimes difficult for aspiring tech entrepreneurs to find their footing. Luckily for entrepreneurs in the bay area, Tech Stars have teamed up with Grow with Google to present Startup Weekend Tampa Bay, this Friday-Sunday, July 20-22.

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour nonstop weekend, and a crash course in surviving and thriving in the tech industry. It’s open to adults of all ages and occupations, and is meant to empower everyday people to learn whatever they would like to learn about tech. Whether one is looking to simply learn a new skill, or to found a tech company of one’s own, Startup Weekend will have all the resources to empower aspiring techies.

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It’s time to brand St. Pete as a Millennials’ paradise

It’s an exciting time to be in St. Petersburg.

Talk to residents, take a walk Downtown or up Central Avenue, or read the Grow Smarter Initiative, and it’s impossible to come to any conclusion other than this is a city on the rise.

But that’s when things start getting a bit murky. The rise of St. Petersburg from “God’s waiting room” to vibrant city has captured the imaginations of everyone who lives here, but how this evolution unfolds depends greatly on who you talk to, what their relationship is to the City, and their vision of success.

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The New Startup South [Bloomberg]

Greenville has hit on a successful formula for incubating businesses. Could other cities in the region be next?

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Tanner Loebel

ICYMI: The FOODNOW founder talks entrepreneurship, selling his business and how to handle a crushing Yelp review. [Audio 51:17 - 6/27/17]

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The Hustle

Carrie Jadus

Formerly an engineer, Carrie Jadus now lives her dream as a professional artist. Jadus' impressionist techniques lend themselves to subjective interpretations of her work. Jadus is both a painter and a narrator, telling stories in her paintings about the physical world, and the beautiful truths that it contains.

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For nearly a decade now, the Tampa Bay Rowdies have entertained soccer fans in the Tampa Bay region.

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The Shuffle

David Kightlinger
First Home Bank

Scott Curtis
Raymond James


Diane Bailey Morton

Focus: Growth

Hook Local Startups, Not the HQ2 Whale

City leaders will find that cultivating relationships with small homegrown companies is smarter—and cheaper—than trying to lure in an outside behemoth.


July 11

July 12

July 24

ACUMEN: Promotions

Why Do Toxic People Get Promoted? For the Same Reason Humble People Do: Political Skill [HBR]

Employees with one or more of these three personality traits, known as the “dark triad,” are more likely to cheat, engage in fraudulent or exploitive workplace behavior, and make unethical decisions. It can be frustrating for honest and humble people to watch these employees get ahead. Why, given their toxicity, do they rise through the ranks? How do such people manage to succeed?

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