Tampa women’s center to host national leadership conference

When it was announced in March that the Tampa Bay Metropolitan area (including Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater) was No. 1 in the country for women-owned businesses, no one was less surprised than Ann W. Madsen.

As executive director of the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre, the only SBA-designated women’s center on the west coast of Florida, Madsen already knew which way the winds of business were blowing. The statistical analysis (and subsequent announcement) by the website confirmed what she already knew.

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What could bipartisan condemnation of Big Sugar mean for the industry?

Ties to the sugar industry may finally be taking their toll on some Florida candidates, particularly those in the race for Florida governor. Gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam is now the only candidate in the race (Republican or Democrat) that continues to take money from the industry.

A tapestry of federal price supports, tariffs, and quotas on sugar have contributed to a powerful industry with extensive political leverage, especially in Florida. Three companies that produce half of the country’s supply: U.S. Sugar, Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida, and Fanjul Corp. are all based in Florida.

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City, citizens discuss a sustainable future at summit

Tuesday’s four-hour summit, at the Childs Park YMCA, was open to the public. “A lot of what we’re doing here today under our ISAP efforts is we’re growing the soil,” said councilwoman Darden Rice. “We are growing the soil and the conditions to really drive to the DNA of the city’s planning.”

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[Planet Money] Open Office

Walls, doors, privacy--if you work a desk job in America you probably do not have have these luxuries anymore.

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The Hustle

Miles Hinard (iClinic)

iClinic offers genuinely expert Apple support at affordable prices, and a competitive edge over your typical Apple store.

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Oxford Exchange

For more than five years, Oxford Exchange has served as a premier, upscale gathering place in the Tampa Bay area.

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The Shuffle

Magali Michael

Dr. Doug Baker
John's Hopkins All Children's


Ryan Griffin
Johnson Pope

Focus: Millenials

Do Millennials Prefer Cities or Suburbs? Maybe Both.

A new simulation may shed light on the living preferences of the largest generation in American history.


August 22

August 30

September 6

ACUMEN: Meetings

3 Creative Meeting Formats To Make Your Whole Team More Effective [Fast Company]

Most meetings are passive experiences: One or two people talking and everyone else listening. These three alternatives can change that.

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