Tampa biotech startup raises $6 million

A German pharmaceutical company has partnered with Barry Butler, a veteran of the ophthalmic industry, to create Betaliq Inc., a Tampa biotechnology company focused on developing treatments for glaucoma.

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Introducing St. Petersburg Press – a locals-only publisher

Paul Wilborn had a wish list for someone to publish his first book, Cigar City: Tales From a 1980s Creative Ghetto. Although a longtime journalist, blogger and scriptwriter, Wilborn had never put out an entire book...

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Kriseman to move ahead with removal of three Housing Authority commissioners

The ongoing crisis in the St. Petersburg Housing Authority continued Sunday evening, when St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman took to Facebook and Twitter to post an image of a three-ring binder, purportedly filled with reasons for the removal of three commissioners of the Housing Authority, including “6 counts of inefficiency/neglect of duty/misconduct.”

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Live Episode! Peloton: John Foley [How I Built This With Guy Raz]

Today, Peloton has sold close to half a million bikes, with a valuation as high as 4 billion dollars.

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Sunscreen closed [yesterday] with its ‘Best Picture’ winner

The 2019 Sunscreen Film Festival is in its final day, and The Garden Left Behind, which was named Best Picture at Saturday night’s awards ceremony, screened at 6 p.m. yesterday at AMC Sundial. It was the four-day festival’s final event.

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The Shuffle

Kim Jenson
Raymond James


The Hustle

Lisa Gilmore

For Lisa Gilmore, interior design is so much more than matching patterns and colors. She believes that each design should uphold the standard of “liveable glamour,” which is to capture an individual’s personality and lifestyle.

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Sales innovation in a rapidly changing buyers market— InsideOut puts the power back in seller’s hands.

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Kim Anstett

Focus: Uber

'Uber Was Supposed To Be Our Public Transit'[City Lab]

Innisfil, Ontario, decided to partially subsidize ride-hailing trips rather than pay for a public bus system. It worked so well that now they have to raise fares and cap rides.

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Apr. 30

May 1

May 9

Virtual Reality as Therapy for Pain [New York Times]

It’s more than a distraction, researchers say. It’s more like a brain hack that occupies the brain so fully that it has no room to process pain sensations at the same time.

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