Tampa virtual reality company makes the finalist list for SXSW Pitch

Verapy, a Tampa company that builds virtual reality games for physical and occupational therapy, could get a chance to make a pitch to investors at one of the country’s largest and best-known technology gatherings.

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3 things every entrepreneur should know, from the winner of TiEcon’s Startup of the Year award

The sixth time was the charm for Julia MacGregor-Peralta.

The Tampa entrepreneur started five other companies before she founded Global Safety Management, a Tampa tech company that aims to make the workplace safer.

Now, GSM is the winner of the Startup of the Year award from TiE Tampa Bay. The award honors a profitable young company launched in Florida and will be one of five awards handed out during TiEcon Florida on Feb. 16.

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Former leaders from Microsoft, Roche, Catalina among new executive advisors at FIBA

Twelve Israeli companies coming to Tampa this year to learn more about doing business in the United States will have a high-profile team of executive advisors.

Corporate leaders who helped grow companies such as Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) and Roche Diagnostics will work with the Israeli companies while they are part of the 2019 cohort in the Launch program at the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator, a Tampa nonprofit that serves as a catalyst to bring new technologies and jobs to the U.S. and to Tampa Bay.

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Stone, glass artists in the Second Saturday ArtWalk spotlight

The first Second Saturday ArtWalk of 2019 is upon us, and there are several new exhibitions from local artists that aficionados will want to investigate on their walkabouts or trolley stops.

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The Hustle

Akeelah Kuraishi (Little Global Citizens)

You may have heard of a few of Akeelah Kuraishi's former employers. The mother of two worked for global titans like Myspace, Univision and Buzzfeed before she left the corporate advertising world to launch Little Global Citizens with her husband, Tim Minnick.

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A member of the Clearwater tech hub, Malwarebytes offers a host of cybersecurity solutions for a variety of platforms.

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The Shuffle

Linda Stephens

Sean Overton
Bizco Technologies


David Jezek
YMCA of GreatervSt. Petersburg

Focus: Density

Watch 210 Years of Manhattan Densification in 2 Minutes [City Lab]

This visualization shows density peak in 1910, slip in the 20th century, then creep upward after 1980.

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Jan. 23-24

Feb. 16

Jan. 17

ACUMEN: Synchronicity

2019 Worksheet: Synchronicity

A worksheet for anyone looking to create more synchronicity between their creative practice and life in the new year.

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