Tampa Bay Tech-Catalyst partnership, Chair Jeff Alagood stops by the studio

Tampa Bay Tech (TBT) and the Catalyst are partnering up to elevate technology and innovation coverage in the region. The partnership, to be announced at the May 23 poweredUP Tech Fest, will grow awareness and promote collaboration around technology in Tampa Bay. From TBT’s extensive member base, the Catalyst will deliver acumen and community-building content in the form of tech news, themed series, executive profiles and articles written by thought leaders.

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Nonprofits net over $1.76 million from Give Day Tampa Bay

Although the largest totals were reserved for community organizations and animal services, the donations were particularly gratifying for arts and cultural organizations, which were altogether allotted a record low of $2.65 million in state funding this year. Thirty-six individual donors gave a total of $23,075 to St. Petersburg’s Warehouse Arts District Association – the most substantial amount in the arts category.

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Meet the St. Pete company that’s innovating the insurance industry

CaseGlide appeared in yesterday's Daily Spark with an erroneous link, so we're bringing them back today to make sure you didn't miss this great profile:

In 2013, Todd quit his job at a prestigious law firm to build CaseGlide – now the leading case management platform made by experts for expert to handle insurance industry claims.
He originally planned for CaseGlide to simply help worker-bee lawyers get through their work quicker – mostly by automating legal documents. Since its inception, it has grown far beyond his expectations

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Beth Houghton -St Pete Free Clinic

The community leader talks feeding St. Pete - and her soul - through St. Pete Free Clinic. [36:29]

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The Hustle


The co-founders and directors of the Doyenne identified and solved a problem – where can women business professionals come together in a stress-free work environment, to get things done and network with one another, outside of the typically male-dominated workplace?

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Bankers Financial Corporation

What began in St. Petersburg as a small insurance company has flourished into a nationwide niche insurer, recognized for its supreme customer service and efficiency.

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The Shuffle

Julie Clement

Matt Spence
Feeding Tampa Bay


Barbara Mazer Gross
Studio @ 620

Focus: Privacy

Alexa and Siri Can Hear This Hidden Command. You Can’t.


May 16

May 23

May 30

ACUMEN: Objectivity

Remaining Objective Is Hard, But the Best Leaders Figure Out How to Do It

There is no single leadership trait that guarantees success in any profession, but there is, based on my experience, one that many of the best leaders share: a fierce commitment to objectivity. And yet I realize it’s often not easy for leaders to remain objective.

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