Tech Data buyout jumps to $6 billion

Apollo Global Management Inc. sweetened its offer for Tech Data Corp. to ward off a competing bidder for the Clearwater IT distributor.

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Catalyze 2020: John Collins

This holiday season, we asked some of St. Pete’s best and brightest citizens to share one catalyzing idea for making St. Pete a better place to live. We asked not for lists of problems, but for meaty, actionable and impactful solutions, no matter how big or how small.

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Catalyze 2020: Jonathan Daou

We can continue to drive interest and curiosity by building upon the vibrant core of small shops and restaurants that are already here, offering discovery and opportunity for visitors and locals alike...

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He Said, She Said: Grateful

On this special holiday episode of He Said, She Said, Peter and Michelle share what they're most thankful for. They are joined by State Senator Keith Perry, who represents Florida's 8th district.

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Catalyze 2020: Stephanie Gularte

At a time when national divineness is at a fever pitch, what if St. Pete was the exception? In this moment in our history when it is difficult to hear one another amid all of the distraction and noise, what if ours was a city where the people who live and work feel as though their voices are valued?

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The Shuffle

Leanna Jackson
Tampa Bay Watch


The Hustle

Jon Dengler (WellBuilt Bikes)

Jon Dengler is the executive director The Well, a local non-profit comprised of a community of people committed to living in direct relationship with the materially poor.

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Catalyze 2020

Catalyze 2020: Mack Feldman

As you might have heard, our success has started to threaten our affordability. Yet Pinellas is the most densely populated county in the state, more than twice as dense as Miami-Dade. This means that there is little undeveloped land ripe for new housing that would alleviate rising rents and prices...The only way to go is up.

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Amy Harriet Miller
Bill Edwards Foundation

Focus: Growth

Catalyze 2020: Ester Venouziou

In 2020, I’d like the city to put a stronger emphasis on “responsible growth,” and to help preserve what makes St. Pete so special. That, of course, includes our local businesses and local artists, many of whom have unfortunately been priced out of their shops and galleries, especially downtown.

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Dec. 4

Dec. 5

Dec. 6

Catalyze 2020: Jackie McIntosh

As a resident and business leader in Pinellas County, I’d like to see the development of a Multi-Purpose Convention Center in our community that our neighboring counties have enjoyed for years...

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