Seventy smokin’ years: Ted Peters’ unlikely fish tale

Pasadena Avenue was just two narrow, unpaved lanes when Ted Peters bought a single acre of mangroves and sand in 1950. There was no retail in the scrubby, salty wilderness, no professional buildings, no apartments, no condo towers. You could cast a line right into the water across the road. Peters had to build a seawall, and backfill the rear of his property, to keep Boca Ciega Bay out.

Sixty-eight years later, Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish is still there, on the same land and in the same brown open-air wooden building Ted built with his half-brother and business partner Elry Lathrop, for their hard-earned and saved-up $15,000.

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St. Petersburg Housing Authority Board votes to demolish Jordan Park Historic Village

The Jordan Park Historic Village controversy may finally be at a close.

On Thursday morning, The St. Petersburg Housing Authority board voted to demolish the Historic Village, which has been standing since the historic development’s founding in the late 1930s. Board Member Ann Sherman White was the single dissenting “no” vote.

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Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign manager Jeff Weaver to speak in St. Petersburg

While Sanders lost the election, in his new book, How Bernie Won: Inside the Revolution That’s Taking Back Our Country – And Where We Go From Here, Sanders’ long-time advisor and campaign manager Jeff Weaver outlines the ways Sanders “won” the Democratic party – and the country. Weaver is scheduled to visit St. Petersburg Sept. 6.

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[The Art of Charm] The Art of Compelling Conversations (Episode 715)

AJ and Johnny explain the power of the invite, creating an emotional connection and ultimately helping us all understand the kind of person we’re interested in.

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The Hustle

Drew Pomeroy (PedalPub St. Pete)

Drew Pomeroy is the manager and a (highly-skilled) jack of all trades at PedalPub St. Pete, the business behind the pedal-powered drink mobile that you have doubtlessly seen meandering its way through the streets of downtown.

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Pynter Institute for Media Studies

The Poynter Institute for Media Studies is the global leader in journalism education.

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The Shuffle

Danielle Ackerman

Tricia Pressley


Barbara St. Clair
Creative Pinellas

Focus: Fact Checking

Newsguard wants to fight fake news with humans, not algorithms

This browser plug-in for Chrome and Microsoft Edge transcends platforms, giving trustworthiness ratings to most of the internet's top-trafficked sites.


August 30

September 6

September 15

ACUMEN: Distraction

Create this list of questions to help you shut down interruptions [Fast Company]

These questions can both help you stay focused and help your team solve their own problems.

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