Tampa General Hospital, GE Healthcare launch tech-enabled center for patient care

Tampa General Hospital has unveiled CareComm – a high-tech “mission control” clinical command center that uses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to improve patient care at a lower cost.

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Business Roundtable statement impacts thousands in Tampa-St. Pete

Thousands of workers and customers at Tampa-St. Pete companies could be affected directly or indirectly by a shift in focus at an influential business organization.

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Clearwater nonprofit brings cyber safety to Tampa-St. Pete schoolchildren

Pat Craven, director of the Center for Cyber Safety and Education, was surprised when he learned what some elementary schoolchildren were doing online.

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Interview with Lee Aquino from The Birch & Vine [St. Petersburg Foodies Podcast]

Our featured interview today is with Lee Aquino, the Executive Chef from The Birch & Vine in downtown St. Pete. When The Birch & Vine opened in 2013, they were my #1 personal favorite St. Pete restaurant.

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Re-living Woodstock with the Paul Shaffer of Baseball

Brad Trumbull wasn’t at Woodstock – he would have been a pre-teen at the time – but now that the legendary music ‘n’ mud festival is 50, he’s re-living it over and over again.

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The Shuffle

Dick Dowd
American Integrity Insurance


The Hustle

Joey Romanik (Romanik Group)

Coming from the hospitality industry, success in real estate was never a sure thing. Working two jobs to get his business off the ground, Romanik didn't take a day off for 18 months.

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American Stage

Since 1977, American Stage has offered the highest-quality theatrical productions in Tampa Bay.

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Linda Marcelli

Focus: #MeToo

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on Al Franken [The Daily]

Al Franken resigned from the Senate more than 18 months ago over allegations of sexual harassment. New reporting about those allegations has revived the debate over whether the Democratic Party moved too fast in calling for him to step down.

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Aug. 21

Aug. 22

Sep. 5-6

PitchLyst Startup Report #031: Pixelstix

In this episode, Joe Hamilton welcomes Matthew Walker & James Tice of Pixelstix

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