The Proveit Origin Story with Nathan Lehoux [Audio 22:26]

Nathan Lehoux, cofounder of Proveit, stops by the Catalyst studio to share the company’s origin story. This almost textbook success story starts in one of our favorite places – the St. Pete Greenhouse. Nate’s now partner Prem Thomas was presenting for his company Gurus at 1 Million Cups. Nate connected with Prem afterwards, and the two began having regular ideation sessions at local coffee shops.

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Inspired Giving Podcast: Kyle Matthews, Executive Director of Beat Nb

In this third episode, your Community Foundation of Tampa Bay host Wilma Norton welcomes Kyle Matthews, Executive Director of Beat Nb, a nonprofit that seeks to do just what it says - beat neuroblastoma - the most common cancer in infants. Matthews joined Beat Nb full time in 2016, six years after the death of his son Ezra from neuroblastoma. Matthews, an entrepreneur with a budding tech company left it all to work for something larger. Matthews' strategic leadership brought together four organizations formed by the grieving parents of children who fought neuroblastoma, pooled their resources, and created Beat Nb. Since its inception, Beat Nb has helped found and fund a global research consortium called Beat Childhood Cancer.

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Synapse Innovation Summit to return in 2019

Following up on the success of the 2018 summit, the Synapse Innovation Summit will return to Tampa in 2019. The summit will be held Jan. 23 and 24 at Amalie Arena.

In 2018, the summit attracted upwards of 250 exhibitors and 3,200 attendees. In 2019, more than 350 exhibitors and 5,000 attendees are expected from many industries, including robotics and STEM, medical innovations, blockchain, entertainment and Internet of Things.

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Bonus content: How did Proveit get its first 15,000 trivia questions?

Growing a trivia-based gaming startup is as tricky as it sounds. Building the platform, attracting thousands of users and finding banks that will even touch the financial side of the business are massive hurdles. Once you’ve made it passed all those, you still need to stock the game with great questions. Thousands and thousands of great questions.

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The Hustle

Kimberly Vorpersian (Bodhi Basics)

We do everything the old-fashioned way: no big equipment, no automated devices. It creates a more intimate bond between the maker and the products. I am also very intentional about where my ingredients (plants, herbs, oils etc.) are sourced from

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3 Daughters Brewing

3 Daughters Brewing, a staple of the Warehouse Arts District, is constantly bustling. While brewers mix up a batch upon batch of their popular brews, hard ciders and seltzers, in the next room beer alchemists examine and test recipes.

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The Shuffle

Shevette Batts
St. Petersburg Free Clinic

Jason Mathis
St. Pete Downtown Partnership


Peter Schorsch
Florida Politics

Focus: Bourdain

Bourdain Confidential

"I find, again and again, just by spending the time, by asking very simple questions, people have said the most astonishing things to me."


July 26

Aug 30

July 24


Sleep Scientist Warns Against Walking Through Life 'In An Underslept State'[Fresh Air: NPR]

"Human beings are the only species that deliberately deprive themselves of sleep for no apparent gain," says sleep scientist Matthew Walker, author of Why We Sleep.

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